Surfing gravity

Gravity got no waves yet we can surf it.

Still half asleep a few days ago, I caught a glimpse of a gravity surfer effortlessly gliding through the air. He was standing on what seemed a circular board, without visible wheels or any other mode of propulsion such as a jet or propeller. It was simply a board, a bit like Captain America had decided to step on his shield and take to the air. 

The idea I got was that of a “gravity board” creating a personal gravity field for the rider. 

A Russian discovery

Viktor Grebennikov came to mind, the Russian scientist who found that the wing covers of certain bugs had a definite anti-gravity effect. He collected a lot of those wing covers and experimented. Mounted on a board, they would lift him into the air when standing on it.

Grebennikov devised a system to control the effect by covering and uncovering sections of the board. This allowed him to steer his contraption and to control the velocity of flight. At full speed he flew fast but was protected from the wind by a bubble of sorts forming around him and his apparatus. Here’s a short video documenting what filtered out to the West… ( )

The Segway

Dean Kamen, the prolific inventor best known for his two-wheeled Segway personal transport scooter, was another thought that came that morning. At a time I was hopeful he might do an updated “flying version” of the Segway but sadly, it remains firmly planted on the ground… A story went around that he died riding a Segway – that turned later out not to have been the inventor himself but Jimi Heselden, the owner of Hesco Group, a company to which the Segway invention had been sold. Kamen has numerous inventions to his credit. This article gives us an idea of what kind of man he is…


Of course while thinking about surfing gravity, another personality came to mind, Prof. Eric Laithwaite. He was a British electrical engineer and academic/inventor. Also called “the father of the Maglev train”, he developed the principle of trains levitating on magnets.

But for this purpose I remembered a specific video demonstration of Laithwaite. A heavy steel wheel he could only lift up with effort, was spun up to high rotations. It became light enough to swing it with one hand, rising above his head. Antigravity of sorts that didn’t involve magnets but simply a fast spinning flywheel. The following video is original footage of such a demonstration. The video is from 1983. 
( )

How could it work?

Now back to our gravity surfer … he was effortlessly gliding down from up high – where he had arrived, he told me conceptually, by spiralling upward – falling as it were into a vortex of upwards directed gravitation. 

How might it have worked? I’d bet on a combination of a Laithwaitean disc spun up fast, creating a Grebennikovian personal gravity field. All of this put together in an elegant fashion by Kamen, who really wasn’t dead at all. At least in that morning’s flight-of-fancy of mine. 


Gravity isn’t waves like light. There are no ‘gravity waves’ and no particles being exchanged to give rise to it. Gravity is a spinny thing, it needs some kind of spin to arise. All particles have inherent spin. Those spinning particles gravitate – they develop an affinity, an attraction – to other spinning particles. Spinning masses gravitate similarly. The rotation of a mass – a planet, a star or a galaxy, may well cause a stronger gravitational field than that caused by its spinning components, the particles, alone. And sometimes, geometry may be sufficient to induce spin and a modified gravitational field, as in the case of Grebennikov’s micro-structured bug wing covers. 

It is my opinion that spin, in all its forms, puts a twisting stress on space, the Russians call that torsion. Gravity, the attraction, is caused by a torsion-induced change in the space matrix that ‘feels’ a need to be relieved. This results in two gravitating ‘things’ feeling attraction. They are seeking to come closer to each other in an effort to relieve that torsional stress. 

It seems complicated at first yet it’s very simple … once you wrap your mind around it. 

A historical precedent

The ancient Chinese, it seems, had it down, too. 

Another method of surfing gravity by creating the necessary spin through power of the mind was one of the Chinese Taoist Warriors’ secrets. Fascinating how they were able to nullify gravity for their advantage. You can find it in some of the old wuxia movies but alas, we seem to have lost that art.  

The movie that got me interested in wuxia and the ancient techniques of overcoming gravity was “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. It is available on Vimeo if you’d like to take a peek.

So anyway, we are reduced to finding a technical solution. Perhaps a fast spinning disc inside a disc shaped cover for now. That is, until we discover or perhaps re-discover other ways to do the same thing. 

Yes it was a dream … a vision of sorts and no, I hadn’t smoked anything if you’re wondering. It was early in the morning, just laying back in bed enjoying the rest for a few moments.  

The title image has my initial notes, jotted down in that half dreamy state as the vision came in …

Sepp Hasslberger
Terceira island
July 2023

See also this earlier article for a more technical description of what gravity does. Not to be worried, it has no math formulas

Spin and rotation in gravity, magnetism and star formation

Nikola Tesla’s 3, 6 and 9 – free energy

From horse carriages to cars in just 13 years


The List of Coincidences

by David Monroe
Monday, October 12, 2020

Tesla and free energy, David Monroe discusses the numbers 3, 6 and 9 and the one quarter wavelength input that produces energy gain stored in standing wave

This was originally a Facebook Note. David added numbers 21 and 22 on Sept. 07/2021, and added number 23 on Sept 11, 2021
(proof that my Tesla’s 3 6 and 9 video has been blacklisted)

I have always gone by the fact that The Truth Always Adds Up, but that can be tricky in a sea of propaganda and misinformation. There have been a number of things that have just kind of fallen in place, things that I was not necessarily looking for, but have found by accident, usually in researching someone’s claims against what I have been finding.

When I started all of this:

I DID NOT KNOW I could demonstrate, using the wave on a string app, what Stan Meyers meant when he said the voltage would rise to infinity, limited only by the equipment.

I DID NOT KNOW that what Tesla used to drive his wireless system with was a 1/4 wavelength and I DID NOT KNOW it had a 6 dB gain of the driving power that is stored on the standing wave, per cycle.

I DID NOT KNOW that the wave model of the electron was a 1 wavelength standing wave.

I DID NOT KNOW that chemistry, string theory, and music are all predicated on standing waves.

I DID NOT KNOW that the periodic table is just adding another electron and a proton ( a 1 wavelength standing wave ) which creates the next element. Literally everything that exists is standing waves.

I DID NOT KNOW that the 1/4 wavelength in Tesla’s wireless system proved his 3, 6, and 9.

NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE has anything that actually shows you how the 3, 6 and 9 relates to free energy. I can explain it and demonstrate it using the wave on a string app. If you input 3 watts of power it has a 6 dB gain, so for each cycle of the input power you get an additional 9 watts of power output, with a total of 12 watts stored on the standing wave per cycle of the input power. Who else can demonstrate that? His wireless system was a 300% over unity . . .

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Physics, as practiced in this 21st century, suffers from a fatal defect. It refuses to consider the non material aspects of existence to be relevant for our understanding of universe. In characteristic fashion, Nikola Tesla the great genius of the 20th century has practically been removed from the books of history while Thomas Edison is celebrated as the prolific inventor and Einstein’s relativity theories have been given all the undivided attention of physicists.

Something strange happened with this article. I recently got inspired to write down some thoughts about access to higher dimensions, and I found, when I completed the article and looked around for some links, that more than three years ago, I had written a very similar piece, which however was never published. The reason it languished in the guts of my computer was that, at the time, I had lost access to my blog and couldn’t publish. When the blog was re-established in a new place, I did not think to fish out that old article and put it up.

So here we are, with two similar articles on the very same subject. I was thinking to work it all into one, but then decided to give you both, the more recent one and the article that was written some years ago, to show how ideas change over time. Not much of a change really, but there definitely is a shift in emphasis. The latest article is titled Dimensions and Dimensionality, while the older one was called Dimensions of Universe. So here we go…

Dimensions and Dimensionality

The mathematicians would tell you dimensions are all mathematical, they are geometries of space. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the generally accepted “three dimensions” of physical space as we know it, are nothing but a mathematical abstraction, a crutch invented to aid orientation in omnidirectional space…

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The flexibility of time

Time is a human construct, so being humans, we should be able to bend time to our will. As it turns out, we actually are! If the daylight savings time experiment has taught us anything, it is that we humans can be flexible in our interpretation and in our experience of time. 

Changing back and forth twice a year between summer time and “natural” time has been the burden of humans for almost half a century now. But what we really did was conduct a great experiment of cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it on at the other end. This is quite unnecessary and it cannot be very productive to constantly disorient humans with respect to time. As a matter of fact, the European Parliament has come to the conclusion that the summer time experiment should finally be abandoned. 

I believe what really should be abandoned though is our inflexible, almost pedantic, attitude with regard to time zones and timekeeping devices. As it is, we are dividing the surface of the planet into different east/west zones that are delineated by hard, straight lines. There are 24 of those zones, one for every hour of the day, and they divide the world much like a political map. A little exception here and there, but in the main our conception of time has been rigidly geometric and it has been rather divisive. 

Larger time zones?

The Chinese have shown that a more flexible approach to time is possible. In 1949 they ended the division of their country into different time zones. Everyone in China observes Beijing time, despite the fact that the east/west extension of that country would suggest it be divided into five different timezone slices… 

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Time and the Cosmic Being

Visible light a narrow slice of electromagnetic spectrum

They say “time is an illusion”. I don’t think that is quite correct. What is an illusion is human limitation to a narrow range in the vast scale of cosmic time. Just like the light we can see with our eyes is but a small slice out of a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies, it appears to me that the human perception of time may be limited in a similar manner. I will try and explain … 

Time is a mere consequence of the existence of matter and energy. That is why time is unique to this 3D, physical plane of existence. What creates the apparency of time is motion. We measure frequency of motion which is, the intervals between repeating events. Events are linked to matter (and energy) in motion.

Life itself is timeless and therefore, in 3D terms, eternal. It is only the physical expression of life that is subject to the laws of time, to the gradual degradation of physical integrity characteristic of existence. 

Just like we have tonal scales or octaves in music, one could say there are scales of time. From the micro scale of particles – atoms and molecules – to the macro scale of stars, galaxies and universe, with us humans stuck in a narrow band somewhere in the middle. Perception of time changes with frequency of motion and just like matter therefore, time is fractal. 

On a cosmic scale of time, the existence of humanity is a mere blip on the radar screen. What to us appears as thousands of years are mere moments in cosmic time. Billions of our years measure the lifetime of a star. 

Humans can transcend time

Although on a cosmic time scale, what we do here on earth might seem completely insignificant, it really is not. We do have a role to play in terms of cosmic events. 

Since humans are energy beings endowed with life, we are able to connect the different scales of time. Life as an eternal quality bridges all scales of time from the micro to the cosmic. The designs of life over all these scales are mysterious and full of wonder and we couldn’t even begin to understand them, unless we found a way to broaden our perspective. Other than being “mere humans”, we realise that at heart we are cosmic eternal beings. 

How are we able to do that? I believe stillness may be the key. It is stillness that gives us a chance of getting a glimpse of cosmic time. So we come to realise the important role that life, including human life, plays in the cosmic designs of universe. 


Viktor Schauberger’s Repulsine

Much has been written about Viktor Schauberger’s Repulsine, an invention that was shelved, and that no one, since that time, has been able to reproduce.

I recently came across a description that reminded me of the research into Schauberger technological developments I did in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The article shows that today, we are no closer to understanding the secret of this particular Schauberger invention than we were back then.

Here is the article and my comments to it.

A BOINC project proposal, analysis of Viktor Shaubergers repulsine A and B

Does anyone know if the Repulsine mod A and B has undergone Computational fluid dynamics simulations to determine the best dimensions for the platters, their spacing, the number of slots and their shape and the shape of the “waves” in the platters, and other
dimensions ?
Has it been studied for the generation of electrostatic fields ?

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The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone”

The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone” Poised to Self-Destruct: The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse”

Incisive research and carefully documented analysis of the impacts of 5G Electromagnetic Radiation by Claire Edwards

By Claire Edwards

Global Research, September 14, 2019

Theme: Environment, Science and Medicine

The entities rolling out 5G are tormenting humanity and sucking their humanity from them by taking their minds and their health, while on the other side, you have the zombie apocalypse of all the people with their 4G cell phones, blindly going about destroying the world.  

The 4G zombie apocalypse lot have to wake up.  They need to wake up now before it is too late and time is of the essence. 


It is time we asked a crucial question. How did we come to be in this 5G mad zone, poised to self-destruct? How on earth did we get here?

It appears that every expansion of the use of electricity since the 19th century correlates with drastic rises in all the modern diseases of civilization,[i] but this information has been kept from the public in order not to impede commercial profit, military expansion and universal convenience.[ii]

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Brown’s gas doubles LPG generator fuel efficiency

Brown’s gas is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen obtained from electric disassociation of water into its gaseous components. The gas is also called oxyhydrogen gas. The method of electric disassociation was developed by Yull Brown, an Australian inventor who ended up working with a Chinese company which is currently producing those gas generators.

It appears that using Brown’s gas directly in the air intake of a diesel or LPG powered generator, the efficiency of combustion can be greatly increased, cutting fuel consumption roughly in half. The Brown’s gas generator runs on a small fraction of the electricity produced by the same generator.

The following image is a report from a Japanese company which did a test with a Brown’s gas generator linked to a 10 KW LPG driven electricity generator. Costs per hour of running the generator were cut in half.

More information at

Can we “invent” ourselves out of trouble?

As it is, we are destroying life and leaving our planet in a deplorable state because of our technological choices. 

Whenever a new invention is made that has military potential, it is secreted, kept from civilian use, and pressed into the service of warfare. How many good inventions have gone that way … too many to count. 

Whenever an invention is made that could upset the investment apple cart, the same thing happens with slight variations. Instead of a secrecy order, an invention that would lessen our dependence on hydrocarbon fuels, is bought up by one of the corporations threatened by it, and is shelved never to be seen again. If the inventor does not sell out, he’s bound to meet an untimely death, his family is threatened as well. Happens all the time. 

So practically all of our industry ends up polluting the air, the waters, the earth.

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Bio-compatible 5G

Millimetre wave 5G is harmful to biological life. It kills insects, birds … and makes people sick. A bio-compatible alternative: infrared and visible light for data transmission.

5G is being promoted as the next big thing in mobile phone technology. It is said to be necessary for the construction of the IoT or “Internet of Things”. Dubious technological choices have been made, such as the use of biologically harmful millimetre waves for data transmission.

Are we still in time to re-think this and make the technology bio-compatible?

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