Brown’s gas doubles LPG generator fuel efficiency

Brown’s gas is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen obtained from electric disassociation of water into its gaseous components. The gas is also called oxyhydrogen gas. The method of electric disassociation was developed by Yull Brown, an Australian inventor who ended up working with a Chinese company which is currently producing those gas generators.

It appears that using Brown’s gas directly in the air intake of a diesel or LPG powered generator, the efficiency of combustion can be greatly increased, cutting fuel consumption roughly in half. The Brown’s gas generator runs on a small fraction of the electricity produced by the same generator.

The following image is a report from a Japanese company which did a test with a Brown’s gas generator linked to a 10 KW LPG driven electricity generator. Costs per hour of running the generator were cut in half.

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Can we “invent” ourselves out of trouble?

As it is, we are destroying life and leaving our planet in a deplorable state because of our technological choices. 

Whenever a new invention is made that has military potential, it is secreted, kept from civilian use, and pressed into the service of warfare. How many good inventions have gone that way … too many to count. 

Whenever an invention is made that could upset the investment apple cart, the same thing happens with slight variations. Instead of a secrecy order, an invention that would lessen our dependence on hydrocarbon fuels, is bought up by one of the corporations threatened by it, and is shelved never to be seen again. If the inventor does not sell out, he’s bound to meet an untimely death, his family is threatened as well. Happens all the time. 

So practically all of our industry ends up polluting the air, the waters, the earth.

Our technology, by imposed choice, is in the service of death rather than life. Can we turn that situation around, can we put humankind’s inventive genius to work in the service of life? I believe we can. Choices are choices, we just have to make the right ones. What keeps us from making the right choices are questions of power, and if we look closely at human activity, that’s economic power. 

Money, in other words, is a strong driving force keeping the situation in this way. There’s lots of money to be made in war. Petrochemicals are hugely profitable, think about plastics, energy and chemical agriculture, as well as pharmaceuticals. Synthetic chemical products are at the bottom of prohibition. Hemp was the unwanted competition to chemical fibres and pharmaceutical medicines in the 1920s and it has been effectively outlawed all over the world for a century. Du Pont could not see their nylon fibres taking over while hemp was cheap and plentiful. Pharma would never have grown to be the killing machine it has become if hemp continued to supply a universal medicine of many uses. 

We could find solutions to pollution, to energy production, health, environmental degradation, even to our own seemingly ever worsening state as beings. What we do need to change, though, is the motivating factor not to do so. We must eliminate the de-motivating influence that is monetary gain. When money is no longer of value, we will find value in what we do, we will find it in our inventions, in beautiful things, in the arts, in life. 

So how do we take the value out of money, how do we put money at the service of life-affirming choices, rather than of pollution, poverty and death. That is a question that has occupied my mind for some time now. I have come to think that the cure must be radical. We need to invent money that is not valuable, money that merely keeps track of our exchanges. Money should not be a precondition for an economic exchange, and it should not have a tendency to accumulate here or there.

What if we merely recorded what we give each other?

We could call that new money credits, because that is what we will be doing, giving each other credit. Credits will have to be a record keeping device, an accounting tool rather than something of value in and of itself.  The important thing is the economic interchange, not the money… 

And by that, our inventive genius would be freed to work in the service of life, rather than the service of death and destruction. 


Bio-compatible 5G

Millimetre wave 5G is harmful to biological life. It kills insects, birds … and makes people sick. A bio-compatible alternative: infrared and visible light for data transmission.

5G is being promoted as the next big thing in mobile phone technology. It is said to be necessary for the construction of the IoT or “Internet of Things”. Dubious technological choices have been made, such as the use of biologically harmful millimetre waves for data transmission.

Are we still in time to re-think this and make the technology bio-compatible?

5G, as I understand it, is based on high frequency microwaves in the 3 to 300 gigahertz range, also called millimetre waves. Those are waves that have trouble penetrating matter, they can only get a few millimetres “under the skin”, but do not generally go through solid obstacles. As such, millimetre wave 5G is essentially a line-of sight kind of technology. It can be used only for the last few hundred meters of connection, with the long range transmission of the signal usually being through optic fibre cable connection.

Being in the microwave band, millimetre wave 5G is harmful to biological life. It kills insects, birds … and makes people sick. Millimetre waves have been used as a “crowd control” weapon, because a concentrated beam of those waves induces an unbearable burning sensation in people targeted by it. Insects are fried by them. The waves may not be deadly to humans, but for sure there are side effects that should have been explored before committing to a roll out of the technology. No safety studies were undertaken and I suspect that may be because the harmful nature of the waves is not exactly a secret. So why not avoid trouble, I hear them saying … only that the trouble will be abundant later on.

Now what would be an alternative to millimetre wave 5G? 

Technically it is possible to use light waves for the transmission of data. This could be either visible light, already experimentally proven in LiFi, which is WiFi technology using visible light as the data transmission medium. We could also use waves in the infrared band, a technology that is well in hand as it has been used to power TV and other remote controls for decades. Both visible light and infrared are capable of similar data transmission speeds as the millimetre waves of 5G, perhaps even better as they are slightly higher frequencies.

The one huge advantage of infrared and visible light however, is that we KNOW them to be compatible with biological life. The sun has provided us with visible light and with healing infrared (heat) rays for eons, and our bodies are used to those.

There is however another thing that remains to be resolved.

WiFi and mobile cell phones use microwaves, but those waves are pulsed in “packets” of data to be transmitted. Approximately 200 of those packets per second. This 200 Hertz frequency of pulsation is in the range of biological frequencies and can thus have biological effects. It is very close to the frequency of the bees’ wing beat for instance, and may be responsible for the disorienting effect WiFi and mobile phone radiation has been found to have on bees. There may be other important biological side effects of that packet pulse frequency. In any case, many people are sensitive and suffer horribly when exposed to mobile phone and WiFi radiation.

EHS or Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity as it’s called, is recognised as a debilitating condition caused by exposure to such damaging electromagnetic frequencies.

So before deciding whether to adopt the 200 packets-per-second tact in light or infrared 5G, we would do well to do some tests. We should find a tact frequency for those data packets that is known to be compatible with biological life, perhaps even one that is associated with positive health effects. There are serious dangers to biological life from our current communication technologies, so serious that insurance companies are refusing to insure against those dangers.

If we want to communicate without killing ourselves and other life forms that share the planet with us, we should really take those things into account. 

Let’s recapitulate. The optimal tech choice would be to have long range data transmission via fibre optic cables, and close range (mobile) connections via infrared and/or visible light, pulsed at a frequency that is bio-compatible. 

Millimetre wave 5G may be good for crowd control and robots, but it is not a communications technology compatible with human biology and health, not to mention that we really do need those bees …

Sepp Hasslberger
13 June 2019

Video: Arthur Firstenberg – 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity


SafeG means safe, fast, reliable, secure internet and telecommunications services brought into our homes and businesses by wired technology. It means technology that safeguards our health, privacy and security and that evolves over time with the goal of reducing exposure to harmful wireless radiation.

What is gravity?

Newton is famous for having said he can describe gravity, but he won’t speculate about its origin.

“Hypotheses non fingo” – I will not deal in hypotheses, Isaac Newton wrote in an essay, “General Scholium”, which was appended to the second edition of his “Principa”.

Since Newton, little progress has been made. We can calculate the effects of gravity, but we do not understand what its cause is, or how it propagates across space. So our understanding of gravity is largely technological, but we continue to grasp and grapple when it comes to describing the origin of this force or its mechanism of action. In a recent exchange of comments on facebook, the question came up again.

Friend: I Feel “Gravity” is nothing of what we are told it is …

Sepp: What is your idea of gravity?

Friend: Light – Collapsing into “Matter” – creating Torsion/Pull …. Like Water (which is Light in different format) spinning down a drain … Toroidal Torsion flow

Sepp: I have a similar idea… in my view, gravity could be an attraction of the energetic patterns that create the manifestation of matter (patterns made of light if you will) towards each other, mediated by torsion, which is a natural characteristic of those patterns. The torsion of two separate patterns that manifest into matter creates a tension, which results in an affinity, an attraction, that we experience as gravity.

Expressed for the first time in “Action at a distance”, an article I wrote some years back… (I just re-read it and marvel at what I sensed already at that time…) The article was first published in my “historical” blog at

Action at a Distance
A question of viewpoint

by Josef Hasslberger, Rome, September 1998


A philosophical description is proposed, of the basic mechanisms of physical universe and especially of the nature of matter, that is compatible with such phenomena as instantaneous action at a distance. It is proposed that material existence in physical space is conditioned and indeed dependent upon the existence of energy patterns necessary for matter to manifest and that interactions occur not between the material manifestations but between the primary energy patterns themselves.

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Seeing Past The Edge – by David Yurth

This is the prologue of a book by David Yurth, who questions many of the basic presuppositions of science as practiced today. 

A very important point David makes, and with which I completely agree, is that we have to start acknowledging “spiritual stuff” to be part and parcel of existence, to accept that the physical does not exist independently of the underlying spiritual patterns. 

He has been attacked for what he says. No wonder, there are plenty of those “guardians of orthodoxy” out there who are tasked with not allowing the development and spreading of any alternative views in physics, cosmology and science in general. After all, science is a wonderful tool to control what we think and do.


David Yurth
David Yurth

Technology by itself cannot be expected to improve the quality of our lives. Indeed, until we are willing to fundamentally alter the way we treat the planet and each other, our technologies may extinguish all life as we know it within the next 50 years. This is a bitter and sobering thought. We are running out of time.

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