Healing Crisis

Some people around here are complaining of old injuries flaring up and becoming painful again, or of having strange pains that shouldn’t be there.

Someone commented on fb recently that this may have to do with the emanations of cell phone towers combined with morgellons disease, fibres that grow under the skin, and that have been traced to chemicals sprayed in the high atmosphere as part of an unacknowledged government sponsored program to “deal with global warming”. I don’t agree that this is the cause however.

There is something called a healing crisis. People in natural medicine also call it a Herxheimer reaction, after the doctor who first described it. There is a principle in natural medicine that says ”it will get worse before it can get better…”

Natural cures do not suppress symptoms such as pain, they rather promote healing at a deeper level. We get to look at what happened, really experience it, after which it usually vanishes … all of a sudden it’s gone!

So what is happening is that in a time of healing, we start looking at things we managed to suppress before. As these things come into focus, pains, physical or emotional in nature, may appear before the injury is really healed and vanishes for good.

That brings me to a pain I have been feeling recently, which I would like to cite as an example.

My right shoulder, for no apparent good reason, is giving me some pain. Nothing serious, but it has been there, on and off, for a few weeks. The pain reminds me of an injury I had a few years ago, from carelessly overstretching my arm trying to catch a frisbee. I pulled a tendon in my shoulder. The shoulder remained very painful for months before it calmed down. Apparently the injury never healed completely and the pain remained there, in a suppressed state.

It’s getting better now.

I believe we are generally in a time of healing. Don’t be afraid if you feel some unusual pain, or an old injury flaring up again … it’s all part of the deal.

Pains and old injuries will pass, even without intervention from the medical side. One thing you should NOT do is to try and “medicate” the pain away with painkillers. That interrupts the healing process. Try to own the pain, acknowledge it and know it is part of you. In time it will vanish.

I should add that I have found much relief and a source of strength in an old remedy, which I described in a separate article called “Best Flu Remedy and general body cleanout”…

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