Greatly re-setting humanity … our way

When taxes are too high,
people go hungry.
When the government is too intrusive,
people lose their spirit.
Act for the people’s benefit.
Trust them; leave them alone.
The Tao Te Ching – Ch. 75 

It would be wonderful if governments could follow that advice and let us get on with our lives, but recent events have shown that instead most of our governments seem dead set to accommodate corporate and elite agendas, trampling people’s rights and freedoms in the process. 


The pandemic was mooted (war gamed) in a meeting of government and elite players a year before it actually happened. Heavy emphasis was placed on how to get the media on board and suppress any contrary voices. As it turned out, covid was not the deadly menace it was said to be, yet it was declared a “pandemic” in a hurry by the World Health Organization, which a few years before had amended the definition of a pandemic to remove the requirement of widespread death. 

We saw widespread suppression of prevention and early treatment of Covid, with doctors who spoke out in favor of treatment losing their jobs and being attacked in the media. Instead, governments forced development of vaccines, granted emergency approval without proper trials, and widely imposed the experimental shots. Meanwhile, we saw outright murder of older people with unworkable or no treatments. Many of the elderly died in homes without being shown mercy or receiving proper care. 

The pandemic is a perfect excuse to roll out controls over people’s lives, travel, association and freedoms. Selective business closures are bankrupting small and medium enterprises, while the well-placed multinationals are raking in record profits. 


Elections appear rigged, not only in the USA but also in other countries, using hackable electronic voting machines and other shenanigans. In the US, Donald Trump’s re-election was foiled in this way, and there are indications that the recent French elections were tampered with in a similar way, but who knows how widespread this practice has become. Klaus Schwab, who boasts to have infiltrated governments, recently said “my people don’t lose elections”, making it seem that the meddling is generalised and comes from the highest levels. 

Meanwhile, censorship has become a real thing. Governments and parliamentary figures insist on Big Tech’s duty to suppress “misinformation”. Big Tech has also been accused of censoring certain politicians and political trends, and has apparently been successful in that endeavour. We are even now criminalising words in the name of “social justice”, sexual pronouns have become a matter of contention. Antifa and BLM supporters caused mayhem in American cities. 

Recently, mass shootings in the USA have re-started with a vengeance, after two years of pretty much complete absence. Intel agencies have been accused of grooming the shooters who often are also on psychiatric drugs. The events provide justification for calls to control gun ownership, or disarm the population as someone recently put it. 

We are sending armaments to the Ukraine to “arm the population” in an attempt to involve Russia in a long drawn out and expensive proxy war there. Economic sanctions imposed on Russia say that the target of the West (USA and Nato allies) is regime change in Russia, something that has been a standard goal of US interventions abroad for decades. 

War in Ukraine and a threat of war in Taiwan are used to increase the public fear factor. The war mongering forces are fully at work, yet always accusing the other side. Nato, far from being a defensive alliance, is on a suicide mission, supplying weapons to Ukraine’s nazi battalions. The last vestiges of neutrality remaining after World War II are being dismantled with Sweden and Finland being offered preferential access to Nato membership, completing the encirclement of Russia and hardening lines of enmity. 

Digital surveillance

The World Health Organization is pushing for more decision power through a “pandemic treaty” that would give them dictatorial powers in the event of another pandemic. “Monkey Pox” appeared just in time to try and help this along. Meanwhile, various countries work to implement digital IDs, justified by the need to control people’s movements in case of another pandemic. 

Global warming is the constant (and always the next and coming up) emergency that justifies increasing controls over people’s lives. The extreme weather events that are the consequence of weather modification and geo-engineering are being blamed on “global warming” now named climate change. Scary stories of sea levels rising to swallow coastal cities in a few decades are used to stoke up fear levels, while the world’s rich enjoy their sea front properties. 

Population reduction

The Catholic Church has fallen in line with both the push for vaccines and the global warming agenda. They are forwarding the trend towards more and more controls and surveillance. Elites and politicians as well as much of the Catholic hierarchy are into satanic rituals, torture and sacrifice of innocent children. No moral moderation to be expected from those quarters. 

Bill Gates has openly advocated a “culling of the herd” policy of vaccination and indeed it seems that one of the delayed “side effects” of the vaccines he has promoted so heavily is a diminished number of live births in several of the most highly vaccinated countries. 

Excessive violence by police against demonstrators in Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada signals that governments have lost sight of their primary function and are following an agenda that excludes protecting their own citizens. 

Artificial Intelligence and trans-humanism

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla automobiles, says AI is dangerous but he pursues a strategy to link people’s brains to AI through an implanted chip apparently in an attempt to influence AI to “be good”. If you can’t beat them, join them, seems to be the idea here. It is doubtful such a strategy would work. 

Human presence in Space is a well kept secret from earth humans, although what happens out there deeply affects us all. In the end, we are the ones to foot the bill, supplying both manpower and technological construction capability to those covert space endeavours. 

Manpower for covert space operations has for decades been obtained by kidnapping and torturing (mind fracturing) children who are used as soldiers and then sent back as mind-wiped veterans of space. 

Meanwhile a planet-wide electronic control grid, also called the internet of things, is being rolled out using 5G mobile phone technology. Everything is to be connected with sensors, surveillance cameras and facial recognition technology, to achieve pretty much total control of all humans operating in the space of today’s cities and technological infrastructure. Control over humans is projected to be pretty much complete once all those sensors have been linked up to a central AI computer network.

“The great cull”

What we are witnessing is the intentional culling of potentially a large part of the human population, on the surface justified by what seem to be ecological concerns. The immediate target is the transformation of humanity into a tightly controlled technocratic slave society, where the individual counts for nothing and is sacrificed to the greater good. This is made possible by an absolute moral degradation of the “elite” strata of society. 

Currently, the great cull is in full swing. It has too much momentum to be stopped by any one of us, yet there is a good part of humanity that has not fallen for the two great emergencies, the virus and the environmental agenda. It is those resistors who stand a good chance of preventing the implementation of that technocratic dystopia. Humans will not be staying in the water getting hotter and hotter, like a couple of slowly boiling frogs. There will be resistance, and the control technology will be vulnerable to such resistance. 

Still, what is planned for us is hunger and widespread disruption of society, all part of the operation to force people into that technologically controlled environment. At the same time there will be a component of humanity that swings around into a “back to nature” type renaissance. Those people will refuse to be slaves of technology, instead finding joy and spiritual powers in niches that can’t be reached by the technocrats. 

People will construct their own society, one that rejects trans-humanism and the techno-dystopia that comes with it.

The great resist and the HUMAN re-set

The more pressure there is for a technocratic “great re-set”, the more there will be resistance. But resistance is really just a perpetuation of the problem. It won’t resolve the situation. Not that resistance isn’t important, it just does not offer a way out of our current dilemma.

Where are we going to go? is the question. So what needs to be done in parallel with resistance, is to create and construct that new society, the human-directed re-set of our way of life. Let us not underestimate the difficulty of doing this, but by all means let’s at least take a peek at what we will need to consider. I am not saying that any of this is valid, You are as qualified as I am to imagine the future. Anyway, here’s what my personal crystal ball shows me …

Self-government – our political systems are irredeemably corrupt so we will have to find a way to replace politics with proper administration. The knowledge of administering a society exists, we have resources. All we need is to make sure that administrators work for the well-being of the populace, getting out of the way as much as possible when intervention is not needed. 

Monetary system – money has been hijacked by the banking system as a control technology and as a tool to rob us. It is projected to get much worse with digital money issued by central banks and controlled at the push of a button. Blockchain technology, far from freeing us from the control of bankers, has provided the tool for even tighter control. If we are to have money in the future, it should be simple. Money should be a mere recording device of transactions, not something to control whether we are allowed to transact or not. 

Education – schools have been used to grow crops of obedient citizens, people who will accept a 5-9 job or worse, a series of gigs without any economic safety. Some parents have started to home-school their children, a step in the right direction. Going one step further though, we arrive at “unschooling”. This means a system of education where not everything is pre-determined. In unschooling, children have a say in what they are going to study. Yes, that will bring unknowns, but it will also allow genius to flourish where today it can’t. 

Communications – the internet has opened our lines of communication in an unprecedented way. Information is at our fingertips and we can reach people across the globe with ease. However this was immediately hijacked by the giant electronic operators and instead of free communication we now have censorship of both the information that is available to us as well as the reach of other humans through electronic communication. What we need is a non-censorable, distributed communications infrastructure that does not depend on Big Tech’s server farms and the controls associated with walled-garden social networks. Let’s have real privacy and real free flow of information. 

Energy security – hydrocarbon fuels have allowed us to develop an industrial society. Environmental considerations push us to limit their use, but the alternatives, solar and wind, developed and run by the same energy cartels, are technologically inefficient and not capable of guaranteeing our energy security. Real alternatives exist but have been suppressed by vested interests. Hydrogen as a source, not only a carrier of energy, is one of those. Magnetics as a source of energy is being ridiculed but has potential, and so do a number of other technological advances that need to be liberated. 

Transport infrastructure – we have heavy transport for just taking a few people from one place to another. Trains, airplanes, cars are all heavy both in material use and in technological complication. Cars should have been in the air for decades, but they can’t because we become “too difficult to control”. Long distance transport should work by teleportation, a technology that has been available to the covert intel and space programs for decades. Trains could run in tubes and be as fast as airplanes, while airplanes could and should be orbit-capable. All of the technology is available, it needs to be unlocked for us earth humans. Oh – and not to forget bicycle lanes for getting back and forth locally.

Food security and nutrition – profits dictate that food should circle the globe before we eat it. Fresh, locally grown produce could be available everywhere, if profit wasn’t the overriding motive. There is a potential source of nutritious food and no, it isn’t bugs. Neither is it lab-grown meat. Plankton grows in sea water with the help of sunlight, and is a super nutritious paste. It is the food of the whales. We all know they are well nourished. Agriculture needs to not only grow nutritious food but to enrich the soil in the process. Plenty to do there. Eliminate the poisons, gradually supplant chemical fertilisers with natural ones. Start cultivating food in harmony with nature… 

Medicine and real healing – we have witnessed the disastrous failure of Pharma-based medicine in the response (and often the lack of it) to the current “pandemic”. Either none of the medical experts know what they are talking about, or they know very well and their goals are not aligned with ours. I see de-population in full swing, and medicine is being used to achieve it. We need real medicine finding and handling the real problems with our health. That starts with proper nutrition and other prevention strategies, and it goes on to workable medicines. Pharma profits are NOT a sign of successful medicine. Not every illness is caused by some bug that needs to be destroyed. We have all kinds of workable non-pharma-based medicine to rehabilitate and reactivate. We need to dismantle the industry-of-death that medicine has become and replace it with something workable. 

Electromagnetic pollution – we are microwaving the planet to death. Microwaves heat anything that contains water, and they are influencing plants, insects and animal/human organisms directly, even if no heat is involved. Birds falling out of the sky, bees dying off, insects vanishing, as well as humans getting sick are all time coincident and spatially connected with the use of microwave technologies. Satellites use microwaves as does radar and the phone and entertainment infrastructure on earth. This is damaging technology that should be replaced as soon as possible. 

Atmospheric pollution – We are chemically poisoning the environment in which we live. This includes the air, the water and the ground. There is nothing wrong with technology per se, and there are ways to make our technologies clean, non-polluting. Agriculture, transport, energy production and transmission need deep revision with a view to cleaning up the way we do things. Electric cars may be all the rage but as long as we have no clean battery technology and as long as much of our energy is produced by burning fuels, it is a mere fig leaf, not real technological progress. “Green” is not necessarily clean.  We have to think those things out properly. 

Climate action – I may have to disappoint you here, but real climate action starts with open scientific discussion of the causes and the real trends in climate. The well has been poisoned by emotional appeals and accusations of “denial” when in reality the problem never was open to discussion. Is human CO2 emission to blame for a warming trend? Is that warming trend real? If it is real, what are the possible consequences? None of those questions have been answered honestly, after open scientific debate and discussion. So let’s go back to basics on this one and open the discussion to ALL the experts, not just the ones we emotionally agree with. 

Fiercely independent humans – it would seem that as humans we must develop our own ideas and convictions, independent of the trends we are given by press and other media. Perhaps that should be part the first point above, the one about self-government. As a matter of fact, we cannot hope to self-govern if we do not have our independent opinions and convictions. Always open to new data, never closed, but still not wishy-washy either. Do our own research, avoid responding to emotional appeals of the media, and become self-determined humans. 

You may disagree with me on some of those points and that is quite ok. No one can know it all. My purpose here is to outline what I think would be a way forward. But if you have other ideas, other priorities, by all means go with them. 

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