Apocalypse or Revelation, lifting the Veil

“What is the purpose of life?” 

I think that ultimately, the purpose of life is for life to know itself through experience … every kind of experience. Sometimes I think that we humans are really suckers for experience …

Someone, I forget who, made this play on words: “They know we know. We know they know we know. They know we know they know we know.” So we have a stalemate. Since knowledge is power, in one way or the other, the situation we find ourselves will resolve itself. 

For there to have been made predictions galore about this period of clarification, of lifting of the veil, a lot must be hidden from our view, enough to make this a period of special interest for many, whether human or not. 

Exposing the lies and filling in the omissions in our knowledge will be difficult to confront, if not traumatic for many. Perhaps I can somehow soften the blow by giving you a few hints as to what may be afoot and where to look to be prepared. These are my personal opinions, please don’t take them as statements of fact. 

I have said before that, if you take the official story, the consensus view of reality, and you reverse that by 180 degrees, you will be right most of the time. We could almost say that all those views that have been termed “conspiracy theories” are turning out, more and more, to be the gospel truth. 

Anyway, let’s not waste a lot of words. Here is my view of the areas we can expect to hear radically different stories about in the not too distant future: You may already be familiar with some of this to varying degrees… 

SCIENCE: We will find that science, especially physics, has been put on a wrong track and kept that way for a century and more. Einstein for instance, far from being the great Idol, has been one of the perpetrators. Nikola Tesla, his opponent and vocal critic, is practically missing from the textbooks. Today, scientific publications are largely the result of private funding and so it is no wonder that what we think of as “scientific fact” has been bought and sold. 

HISTORY: There are major falsehoods and gaping holes in the history as taught in schools. We are not the first advanced civilisation that has lived on this planet, nor have our human bodies developed by “natural selection” from other earth primates. 

GOVERNMENT: We are told that democracy is a way for us to choose our government and to influence its actions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Elections are routinely rigged and the politicians that end up in positions of authority are, pretty much without exception, corrupt and compromised. Honest people have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting into government and to actually change things. 

BEHIND GOVERNMENTS: Politicians are compromised and blackmailed. A satanic cult complete with human sacrifice and “magic” rituals dictates what politicians must and must not do. That cult in turn links into occult forces that are not really part of our world but that still want to determine humanity’s future. 

THE MEDIA: Our source of information, independent reporting that shines the light on hidden agendas and corruption, has been all but wiped out. The media is monopoly controlled and what is reported is determined by the owners. Even the internet, the next step in our ability to access information, has been centralised by giant tech companies that tightly control and now openly censor the flow of information. 

JUSTICE: A supposedly independent force to provide a check-and-balance on the operation of government, has been made ineffective by swamping it with regulation and cases, while judges are no longer independent in their interpretation and application of the law but are often serving some prevailing interest. 

LEGISLATION: Most laws are written by special interests, to be approved by elected representatives that know little or nothing about the subject under consideration. The result: Huge numbers of laws almost impossible to know or follow, but that make a criminal of every living person. The result is to have something on anyone, “just in case”.

ENERGY: We are told that “there is no free lunch” and that our energy has to come from burning fuels or from hugely expensive and largely inefficient wind farms and solar installations. Energy production and distribution is kept centralised for reasons of profit and control. Real progress in energy production is bought up and shelved by commercial interests or is slapped, during the patent process, with secrecy orders by the military. Nothing game changing is allowed to reach the market. 

ECONOMY: Money is ill defined. It cannot logically be a measure of value, while having value itself. It acts as a tool of control as well as of re-distribution, a one way street to take our labour and resources and use the results for things that have nothing to do with our own welfare. The economy is slanted to support the huge corporations and financial speculation without any real product. We get the leftovers, the crumbs falling off the table. 

MEDICINE: The practice of healing the sick has been hijacked by petrochemical interests, the same that put agrochemical poisons in our food. They have all but destroyed natural healing modalities to build their own monopoly of hugely expensive treatments, ensuring for themselves a continued stream of revenues by keeping as many of us as possible sick and on the edge of death. 

CANCER CURES: These deserve a special mention. In cancer, it is the cure that kills more than the cancer itself. Laws are on the books prohibiting cancer cures. Anyone, including medical doctors, can be sent to jail for saying they found a cure for cancer. Chemotherapy, the poison of choice in cancer “treatment” has a two to three percent long term survival rate. 

CLIMATE: We are told that by emitting CO2 we are to blame for a certain catastrophic future. CO2 is vital plant food, it is not the cause of uncontrolled warming but is convenient for putting the blame on humans and for keeping us in a state of fear. 

WEATHER MANIPULATION: We have developed technologies of weather manipulation as a weapons technology. This includes causing localised drought, excessive rainfall, as well as the induction of earthquakes. Many of the unusual weather patterns we see have less to do with climate change than they have with weather wars. Weather manipulation tech includes ionospheric heating, specialised radars and geo-engineering by dispersing aerosols in the atmosphere. 

TECHNOCRACY: This is the effort to optimise society by using “experts” and artificial intelligence to tightly control the lives of all humans on earth. It involves linking every last one of us to a central super computer and it has links with transhumanism, the effort to make a “new human”, a cyborg that is part human and part machine. It also links into the development, here on earth, of artificial intelligence (AI) which is slated to take over once the technocrats have us firmly under control. 

THE PANDEMIC: The pandemic has been called a “great opportunity” to bring about that technocratic society where humans will be mere cogs in the machine. The weaponisation of a cold virus of the corona family has given the technocrats an excuse for scaring politicians sufficiently to disrupt national economies and to destroy private business, the social fabric and our natural immune defences, leaving us wide open to receiving “the mark”, the nano tech infusion indispensable for linking us into AI and the technocratic “Internet of all”.

RELIGIONS: Through the ages, religions have been a means to distract humans from their own innate abilities. Religion and nowadays even organised spirituality is a barrier against finding our own power. We are creator beings and as such extremely powerful in manifesting reality, but we are told to give our power away to one “God” or another, to angels, or to some guru telling us what to do. 

REAL HUMAN CAPABILITIES: Humans are spiritual beings. We are naturally telepathic and have other psycho/spiritual abilities such as remote perception, remote manipulation of matter, and the ability to just disappear and reappear in another location of our choosing. Religion and the technocratic rigamarole are attempts to keep these natural abilities from emerging on a large scale. 

DIMENSIONS: This links to materialistic science, where we are looking to understand an ever greater number of physical dimensions, when there is really no such thing. Our 3D world has no dimensions, only omnidirectional extension in space. If there are dimensions, they are different worlds, different planes of existence that are characterised by different frequencies outside our range of perception. Those other planes of existence occupy the same space as ours but are separated by differences in vibration. 

ALIENS: All knowledge of the existence of other civilisations has been tightly controlled and been kept from earth humans. There are innumerable other civilisations out there – or in there if we count the inside of our planet – some of them are friendly and some are not. Humans are considered to be dangerous, barbaric, and not ready yet to emerge as a galactic civilisation.

SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS: A separate, “elite” breakaway civilisation of humans has developed, unbeknownst to us earth-bound humans. They have acquired and re-engineered alien technologies of advanced interstellar space travel, fuel-less energy production, and health and body regeneration tech. They do not consider that we humans “on the ground” should have access to to those technologies, although we have financed them and helped build their fleets of spaceships. 

THE NASA COVERUP: Nasa’s space programs are a coverup, an elaborate theatre for human consumption. This includes manipulation of our immediate space environment to hide an imminent danger, one of which the “elite” is well aware and has been preparing for with extensive bunker facilities to survive, but which for the rest of us is to be a complete surprise.  What is being covered up is the passage of a companion star of sol, our sun, through the inner solar system, which happens every three thousand and some years, and which can cause extensive destruction on the surface of our planet. 

HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY: Scientists have been telling us that we live in a holographic simulation. What they are not saying though is that the simulation has been hacked. It has been looped in time to repeat again and again in long term cycles measured in tens of thousands of years. Within that simulation, human energy is being harvested. Our emotional energy, both positive and negative, is food for beings in other dimensions, who will starve unless we constantly supply a stream of emotional energy from fear (terror), sexual emotions, loneliness, despair and – the positive – adoration. There is, in other words, a market for human energy.

TIME WARS: Not only has holographic reality been hacked to overlay a matrix and time loops to prevent us from ever finding a way out of it, but the time loops are being hacked as well. This is what’s called the time wars. Humans in the “elite” breakaway civilisation found a way to hack the time loops. They acquired time travel and time vision capabilities that allow them to interfere in crucial points of confluence in the past and then to look what the changed outcome far in the future will be. Somehow this has run into trouble though. So many different possible timelines have been tried and had to be abandoned that everything now seems to converge into one timeline, one that is different from what the manipulators are envisioning. 

HUMAN SPACE SLAVERY: Not only is our energy in high demand, humans themselves are, for their abilities and imagination. Humans are routinely enslaved and sold to extraterrestrials, both as workers (crews) and fighters, perhaps sometimes as amusing toys. The CIA has developed and perfected mind control technology that involves torture and the fracturing of human beings into numerous parts, so-called alters, that are kept separate from each other, and that don’t share memories. Sex slavery is a common use for such unfortunate beings, as is their fighting capability as super soldiers. Humans are destroyed by torture, they are mind controlled and used. 

THE GOOD NEWS: Everyone is afraid humans will realise what is happening and will break out of the prison that earth has become for us. We can do that only if we realise exactly what is happening. Let just some humans wake up to their full capabilities, and more will follow. We are more powerful as humans, vastly more powerful than those who have enslaved us, and we will eventually break out of the matrix. Not to take revenge, but to take our rightful place as an evolved species of powerful beings. 

That is what revelation is all about, the historic jail-break of humans, out of a millennial prison existence. And it is by knowledge and imagination we will do it. 

Sepp Hasslberger

Rome, August 2021