Family and Love

On my current trip to Italy, Germany and then perhaps some other countries, I am learning a lot about family and love. It appears to me that I am part of more families than you can shake a stick at. All of them are worth my love. So if you feel you’re connected to me in a tribe or family know that I love you, no matter what the world may look like at this moment.

Oh yes, Love. It is what’s required in these times to overcome or perhaps sidestep the various disasters and catastrophes that have been “predicted” or should I say scripted, for us. Love unconditionally, and do not give an exclusive of your love to ANYone, no matter who they might be.

Judgement day?

Retribution and “Justice” … blast them. We do not need to judge anyone or take vengeance on them for anything they have done. Just holding a mirror up to them will make them realize the error of their ways. They’ll either change their tune or fall by the wayside, leaving space for new things to emerge, new ways to be explored, new lands to be traveled.

Tree on Mountain, beaten up by the elements. It is a symbol of the Tree of Life and thus of Mother Earth

Cradle of humanity

Mother Earth or Gaia Sophia as she’s also called, is a real person. The earth is her body and has real physical existence. As Gaia, she also has spiritual capabilities. The planet has been and is being badly abused. Gaia may perhaps have been asleep for a while, but she is waking. Her body is the cradle of humankind. Earth has been home to a number of civilizations. No, they haven’t all made it into our history books yet. Those civilizations evolved on her surface and in her bowels. Some went on to seek a home and make history elsewhere in Space. Others apparently remained here, under ground so to speak.

Gaia is also the cradle of this current humanity. It is we, the thinking, feeling bipeds that are living on her surface. Without her however and the myriad of other species sharing our biosphere, we simply would not exist. Lacking a home, we’d be hard pressed to call ourselves humanity. So honor her and protect both her physical integrity as well as her community of living species. After all, this is our home, if not to say our “family”… #RandomInspirations