The flexibility of time

Time is a human construct, so being humans, we should be able to bend time to our will. As it turns out, we actually are! If the daylight savings time experiment has taught us anything, it is that we humans can be flexible in our interpretation and in our experience of time. 

Changing back and forth twice a year between summer time and “natural” time has been the burden of humans for almost half a century now. But what we really did was conduct a great experiment of cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it on at the other end. This is quite unnecessary and it cannot be very productive to constantly disorient humans with respect to time. As a matter of fact, the European Parliament has come to the conclusion that the summer time experiment should finally be abandoned. 

I believe what really should be abandoned though is our inflexible, almost pedantic, attitude with regard to time zones and timekeeping devices. As it is, we are dividing the surface of the planet into different east/west zones that are delineated by hard, straight lines. There are 24 of those zones, one for every hour of the day, and they divide the world much like a political map. A little exception here and there, but in the main our conception of time has been rigidly geometric and it has been rather divisive. 

Larger time zones?

The Chinese have shown that a more flexible approach to time is possible. In 1949 they ended the division of their country into different time zones. Everyone in China observes Beijing time, despite the fact that the east/west extension of that country would suggest it be divided into five different timezone slices. 

Historically, an empire was said to be great when one could say “the sun never sets” within its borders. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it does show us a way forward, suggesting a way out of rigid time divisions and perhaps it helps to end the summer time experiment. We could apply the old empire logic to entire continents, for example, and shape our experience of time in a kind of “continental model”. 

Let’s say we have “Europe/Africa time” and all the different countries in that space apply it, period. We could have an “Americas time” and everywhere on the vast American continent, countries observe that time. Or perhaps there could be two, Americas east and Central, and Americas West. “Eurasia time” could connect Eastern Europe and the Middle East, then “Asia time” and “Pacific time” could be other zones of common time experience. 

The lines of such a time subdivision would perhaps be more flowing, less rigidly rectangular and in the end there would definitely be a smaller number of time zones. Eight of such extended time zones should be quite sufficient. Perhaps some countries such as Iceland and Greenland would like to establish “Atlantic Time”, but they might also opt to join either the Americas or the Europe/Africa time zone. The Portuguese islands of the Azores, which are located in the middle of the Atlantic, should probably be in the same time zone as the Portuguese mainland, be that Europe/Africa time or perhaps a Western Europe/Atlantic time zone. 

The idea is that time zones, instead of dividing people along rigid lines, could be used to unite larger numbers of us in a common time experience. This is not so much a prescription of how to divvy up the world time wise as it is an appeal to be more flexible in our approach to time, using time to unite, instead of to divide. 

The Portuguese example

Azores iland of Terceira, the north coast

What originally brought me to think about time and its flexibility was the recent time change (we’re in the spring of 2021) where here in the Azores, like everywhere else, an hour was cut off the morning light, only to sew it on to the evening side of the blanket. So instead of the sun coming up at 7, it now comes up at 8, and instead of setting at 7 it now sets at 8. Some people like it, some don’t, but the fact of the matter is that all that constant changing back and forth is unnecessary. 

My thought in that connection was that “with Portugal mainland only one hour distant in time, the Azores might just as well close that gap and join mainland time, with no ill effect”. Actually not only no ill effect, but a decidedly positive effect of uniting the country in one time conception, with all the benefits this would bring for commerce and communication. 

Starting out with that thought, the inherent flexibility of our time conception, the malleability of time in human hands, gradually came into better focus. We might as well assert dominance over time, instead of artificial time divisions or time zones rigidly ruling our every action.

Just musings?

Will those thoughts to be of any use or are they just idle musings that will have no tangible effect? Well it all depends on us. Certainly a different system of seeing time cannot be imposed by fiat. There would be all kinds of resistance just for the sake of resistance. 

All that can be put out there is the idea. Someone could work out a tentative scheme and throw it out there for discussion. Countries could join under a continental time designation. As more countries follow a common time zone, others will aggregate just because it “feels natural”. And so it could come into being. Just by itself, and because it is easier than being all rigid about time. 

Sepp Hasslberger
Terceira, Azores
April 2021

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Time and the Cosmic Being

Visible light a narrow slice of electromagnetic spectrum

They say “time is an illusion”. I don’t think that is quite correct. What is an illusion is human limitation to a narrow range in the vast scale of cosmic time. Just like the light we can see with our eyes is but a small slice out of a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies, it appears to me that the human perception of time may be limited in a similar manner. I will try and explain … 

Time is a mere consequence of the existence of matter and energy. That is why time is unique to this 3D, physical plane of existence. What creates the apparency of time is motion. We measure frequency of motion which is, the intervals between repeating events. Events are linked to matter (and energy) in motion.

Life itself is timeless and therefore, in 3D terms, eternal. It is only the physical expression of life that is subject to the laws of time, to the gradual degradation of physical integrity characteristic of existence. 

Just like we have tonal scales or octaves in music, one could say there are scales of time. From the micro scale of particles – atoms and molecules – to the macro scale of stars, galaxies and universe, with us humans stuck in a narrow band somewhere in the middle. Perception of time changes with frequency of motion and just like matter therefore, time is fractal. 

On a cosmic scale of time, the existence of humanity is a mere blip on the radar screen. What to us appears as thousands of years are mere moments in cosmic time. Billions of our years measure the lifetime of a star. 

Humans can transcend time

Although on a cosmic time scale, what we do here on earth might seem completely insignificant, it really is not. We do have a role to play in terms of cosmic events. 

Since humans are energy beings endowed with life, we are able to connect the different scales of time. Life as an eternal quality bridges all scales of time from the micro to the cosmic. The designs of life over all these scales are mysterious and full of wonder and we couldn’t even begin to understand them, unless we found a way to broaden our perspective. Other than being “mere humans”, we realise that at heart we are cosmic eternal beings. 

How are we able to do that? I believe stillness may be the key. It is stillness that gives us a chance of getting a glimpse of cosmic time. So we come to realise the important role that life, including human life, plays in the cosmic designs of universe. 


Behind Corona…

There is a new paradigm emerging. It says that there are serious questions about the existence of a thing we are calling “virus”. The argument is that what we see as a virus coming from the outside to infect us is actually an “exosome”, a particle emitted by our own cells in an effort to rid themselves of toxins or to adapt to an environmental stress. 

The whole concept of infectious disease is therefore under serious revision, but for the purpose of this writing I will use the terminology that has been used all during the so-called corona pandemic. Just keep in mind that infection may not be what we have been told it is.  

With all of the apparent insanity of corona related regulations and prohibitions, one might be forgiven to think that the Covid 19 bug is not a virus but something that attacks humans’ brains, something that prevents us from thinking straight. 

Never before has an illness that manifests much like a flu and that, when all the numbers are on the table and cleaned of exaggerations, is no more deadly than our regular winter season of colds and influenza. Never before has such an event been even close to giving justification for closing shops, restaurants and churches, scuttling public events, shutting down travel, or for everyone to stay at home, keep distance from each other and wear face masks, much less the closing of hospitals for everything but essential corona business. This has been a total disruption of the normal functioning of society, justified by what essentially is turning out to be a non-event. 

So what happened?

We all know it started in China, apparently in the now famous city of Wuhan, and that from there, “it” spread around the world. First projections were of great disaster and the public reactions, well rehearsed apparently and directed from the highest health authorities, were harsh and – at the time – almost understandable. 

As time passed and the severity of “it” came into perspective as being much milder than was generally anticipated, the restrictive prohibitions, instead of being lifted as they should have been, were made even more severe. At first, it was supposed to be an attempt to “flatten the curve”, in order to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed by all those sick people. It soon became apparent that most hospitals were essentially standing empty, their personnel sent home, and the anticipated wave of sick people never materialized in the way it was predicted except in fictionalized media reports. 

We now have a situation where, although deaths from the virus are approaching essentially zero, police in some countries are ordered to enforce strict curfews and people are chased out of parks and sent home off the beaches, at times arrested and charged or fined – insanity indeed. 

Let us look at some of the background of what appears to be an unmitigated disaster of wrong judgement if not outright misdirected action on the part of government officials.

Underneath it all

For one, the supposed virus has never been properly isolated from sick patients and confirmed as the actual cause of illness. Koch’s postulates for the detection of a sickness causing agent were not fulfilled. We have some genetic sequences, which have blossomed into a hundred or more different ones, but sequences of what? No one can really tell except to say “well, the virus it seems is mutating”. 

Meanwhile, there is no test that can tell with certainty whether you are infected by a novel virus. Antibody tests are generic and react to a large family of corona and influenza viruses, they even react on last year’s flu vaccine. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test has no gold standard to be oriented against. It is perfectly worthless as all it can do is detect fragments of DNA that are ever present in all living human beings. 

Every manufacturer of tests does their own approximate tuning on what is presumed the “infection rate” will eventually be. Since PCR is a laboratory technique for the production of viral sequences, it cannot tell how much virus or rather how much of the original DNA sequence there was to begin with. As the inventor of polimerase chain reaction Kary Mullis stated, PCR should NOT be used as a test to screen for infection. But that is exactly what all those tests, which really have no official approval and benchmark, are being used for. 

Face masks do not protect against viruses yet we are all asked to wear them. 

Locking down society has been shown to have no statistical effect, it is not altering the course of the disease at all. 

After initial confusion on how to treat the infection leading to many tragic and unnecessary deaths, doctors on the front lines found preventive measures and effective cures, but those advocating either prevention or cure have been called charlatans and “irresponsible”, their communications censored, their jobs endangered … just the opposite of what one would expect in a pandemic situation. 

Sweden refused to follow the general trend of hard lockdowns, merely recommending caution to its citizens, and although life in that country has pretty much returned to normal while everyone else is still wearing masks and staying at home, their handling of the affair is being criticised as irresponsible and unsuccessful. 

A planned pandemic?

The whole scenario of a world wide corona virus pandemic was mooted (played through theoretically) in a high level event that took place only months before the actual virus appeared. That high level stage play called Event 201 prepared government health officials for what to do “just in case” something like a pandemic really happened. And happen it did, just like clock work.

The role of the media in this whole disaster was something to be ashamed of. Instead of investigating and asking hard questions, the media closed ranks and did everything to stoke up public fear, repeating the lines and figures fed them by government “experts”. The media was, in other words, throwing gasoline on an already burning fire of increasing fear and confusion in the minds of their listeners and readers. 

The official solution for this epidemic that was raging more in our minds than our bodies, was to be universal vaccination, a shot of toxicity in the arm, projected to reach every last one of the now suitably afraid humans. Never mind that previous attempts to develop a corona virus vaccine ended in disaster, actually making people more susceptible to catching a severe illness … and never mind that we have had flu vaccines for decades and that year after year, like clockwork, the flu is still said to be killing as many every winter season as the supposed new virus. 

There is even an experimental vaccine being developed based on synthetic RNA, that has the potential of changing the expression of human DNA. What could possibly go wrong we might ask.

It’s the cases, stupid

The pandemic, it appears, now has morphed into a “casedemic”. As deaths from the so-called pandemic dwindled down to next to nothing over the summer, the emphasis of official pronouncements all of a sudden changed. It wasn’t deaths any more to be afraid of but “cases”. 

Testing, testing, testing was the new mantra and if you do hundreds or thousands or even millions of tests, you are of course bound to find plenty of new (falsely positive) cases as a result of those imperfect tests. Never mind that none of those people are actually sick. They tested positive and therefore are infected, to be isolated, traced, shunned, medicated. 

Cold hard facts seem to have no effect on those health officials, who insist on tightening the screws of lockdown and disaster. The officials are cemented in their authority by enabling legislation for “disaster preparedness” which has been quietly passed in almost every country of the world during the past decade. By pure chance, that decade was also declared by Bill Gates the great philanthropist, to be “the decade of vaccines”. 

The internet of things

Well, contemporaneous with the pandemic, we see a new type of mobile phone technology being pushed: 5G and the internet of things. Numerous small cell towers are being erected in populated areas, and trials of the new technology, which uses a different type of radiation called millimeter waves, are underway. The waves used by 5G have not been tested for their health effects on humans and other living beings. Yet, live trials of that technology have started in some of the areas that have been hit especially hard by the corona virus epidemic: Wuhan in China, the industrial zone in the north of Italy around Milan and Bergamo, New York, and others. 

We do not know what the connection might be, or even if there is one, because any discussion of that angle of the epidemic is heavily suppressed in both the media and on social networks. Don’t touch my 5G, seems to be the watchword here and the officials seem to say “we are in a race and we don’t need no stinkin’ research”. Federal Trade Commission officials said as much (not in those exact words of course) when promoting the coming roll-out of the new technology. 

Government of the experts

The direction this leads us into is one of government by experts, both medical and technological, a system of governance better known as ‘Technocracy’. Such a world governed by the experts will eventually have to do away with any form of elected government that might represent the will of the people. For now, the experts have our politicians by the neck, dictating what is to be done but with some public push for sanity, they might well lose their grip. 

So what we will have, if the experts get their way, is going to be a world of super surveillance, something the internet of things, enabled by 5G, is really designed for. It is a world where mere humans have no say in how our lives are going to be arranged. It is going to be obey or else, and the corona virus restrictions are a way to soften us up, they are giving us a little taste of what is to come.

Money in its current form, especially cash, would be a thing of the past in the new world, replaced by an incentive based, blockchain generated new liquidity, something that has already been patented … by Bill Gates’ Microsoft. Data, that is, information about our lives, is to be the new kind of money and in such a case, if you are not compliant, if your data does not flow in the right way, your liquidity and thus your livelihood can be turned off at the flick of a switch. This does not even have to be a conscious personal decision of any human controller, AI or artificial intelligence, meaning essentially a smart computer program, would take care of it. 

So what else is new?

What else is going on in these times? For one, there is a mega blackmail operation afoot, which is based on widespread entrapment of anyone who counts. Celebrities of all kinds are entrapped in practices of pedophilia or sex with the underaged. Those practices are then in turn leading into the more hardcore areas of child torture, the killing or sacrifice of children, and satanic blood rituals, including the consumption of a rejuvenating substance – Adrenochrome. That is a substance obtained from the blood of tortured children. News and information about these practices is heavily suppressed, witness the disappearance of Pizzagate from all news and even most social media discussions. 

Politicians and the rich and famous, who get involved in the pedophilic and satanic filth, are of course wide open to being blackmailed. They are told what they must do and say, and what to avoid, and they will of course readily comply. Perhaps that is why both the press and the people “who count” are toeing the official line so well. 

Draining the swamp?

So on the one hand we have “the swamp”, the “deep state”, heavily involved in illegal and morally reprehensible practices, planning and working towards a completely controlled, highly dystopic future for humanity. 

On the other hand, we are told that the “white hats”, the good guys, are just about set to make everything right. Rumor has it that mass arrests of the evil ones are just around the corner nay, are already happening as we speak! Our financial woes, so the saying goes, will be over when a big re-set of finances unleashes ancient fortunes of gold that will be distributed to make us all well off financially. This will be done by use of such fictitious laws as NESARA and GESARA (look them up if you haven’t come across them yet). 

We are also told by the “white hat” faction that the lockdowns are really for our own good, because those operations of rounding up and arresting the bad guys might be dangerous and therefore it’s better we aren’t out on the streets. 

Space the new frontier?

That white hat faction, which makes heavy reference to US President Donald Trump and an intelligence operation called “Q Anon” is just as little transparent however as the “black hats” they are ostensibly fighting. No one, for instance, tells us about the existence of what is known as the SSP or secret space programs. Several factions of humans and some non humans are out there in our solar system and beyond, with incredibly advanced and expensive hardware in the form of advanced space ships. Remember all those trillions of dollars gone missing without a trace?

The secret space program, which goes back decades to the end of the Second World War and perhaps even before that, has also been called a human “breakaway civilization”. But all we get officially is an announcement by Trump of the establishment of a new Space Force, to be a part of the US military machine. That is limited disclosure at best, to try and prepare us for the day when the real goings-on in space are (perhaps) to be revealed. 

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

While on the one hand, the satanic bunch envisions a dystopian world here on earth, where we are to be mining crypto currency with our personal data of good behaviour, the ‘space force’ bunch on the other would like nothing better than to use us humans as cannon fodder on their ships out in space, as slave labour on asteroids and planetoids, mining the raw materials needed for more ships and colonies, and eventually to man those colonies, always in slave-like positions. 

So we have a “faith based”, Church centred faction of pedophiles and satanists working with dark demonic powers and they are all set to prepare us to better harvest our spiritual energy, which incidentally is much greater than theirs. 

And on the other side we have a space based high tech “breakaway civilisation” out there that would like nothing better than to press humans into service on their modern day pirate ships, manning their mining operations and space colonies. 

Both of those factions incidentally are using the corona “emergency”, each one for their own ends, which frankly have nothing to do with our health and everything with how to make better slaves out of those pesky humans. Corona seems like a god send, a good excuse to make us “behave”. We are to stay home so as not to interfere with their plans for our future. Meanwhile those two factions are at war against each other, a war to determine who, in the end, gets to use our energy for their purposes. No wonder this corona business seems so utterly insane. 

There is one thing we can be sure about: whichever faction wins, the prospect isn’t going to be a nice life for the rest of us. We will end up in slavery one way or the other. 

Non compliance

So what to do about it you might ask if you have followed my train of thought so far. Is there any way out of the dilemma which we find ourselves in? 

Well for one thing, having an idea of what is happening helps. And remember that, without our cooperation, nothing goes. If we can overcome our fear of death, there is nothing that either one of those two factions can do to us. We have to go into slavery willingly or not at all, that is why corona is so important to them. 

Butt … corona is also a big kick-in-the-ass for humanity. What it really tries to tell us is to get over our collective fears. 

First of all, we should realise that there is nothing to fear from covid itself. Plenty of prevention is available in the form of specific nutrients like especially vitamins D and C, some good herbs and properly nutritious natural foods. There are even preventive medications if needed. Anyway the chances of dying from Covid, even if you do get infected, are ultra slim. They are way way below one per cent for pretty much all of us. 

Look at those rates of survival again and please please please, do not be afraid. 

Drop that mask and get out there, get together with your friends and family and go about your business as usual. That might be some work, especially to convince others not to interfere with you.

Actively create the future.

Something we all can do is to dream (imagine) into existence an alternate path for our lives, one that leads neither into space slavery nor into a satanic dystopia on earth. 

The question is: can we do it, and even more importantly, what is it we really want, what kind of life would we wish for our children and their children. Yes, this is more about the children than it is about us. So we should really be asking them … as it’s going to be their lives. 

I hear that children, these days, are born with all kinds of psy abilities that could make for a playful future and I am sure we will, at one point or another, need those extra abilities to keep safe. Some time in the future, we may have to use them to make sure there is no repeat of what we are going through now. 

So yes, full emphasis on the children, on their ideas for how life should really be. No face masks for them to be sure … we don’t want to raise a generation of slaves. Should school continue as it is or do we perhaps have a perfect opportunity with corona, to start schooling children at home? You decide. Should we get more into growing our own food? Definitely I would say, as it is an essential part of becoming independent of government and corporations.

We the adults should really just be facilitators in this game, we should be the ones who help bring about the ideal life for our children and their children. That should give us enough to do. Building our own vision for life on earth is an important thing to concentrate on.

We do not have to choose sides in the ongoing war. As a matter of fact, we definitely shouldn’t. When you have two forces at war, you do not interfere unless you want trouble. Let them do their fighting. We have other priorities . . .

So what do you say – do we have a chance of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat? 

You better pray it be so. Humanity’s future depends on it. When I say pray, please do that without giving your power away. Manifest what you desire without appealing to any external force, be it God, the angels, the demons or whatever. We humans are immensely powerful. It is up to us to discover and use that power. 

It’s time to wake up and use that power for our future … and for the lives of the children.

It’s a big responsibility – we better not mess it up.

Rome, September 2020
Sepp Hasslberger 

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Links do tend to go bad these times, so if you need to, go search for alternatives. 


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Breakaway civilisation

The virus of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an ability to calculate but it misses morals and it certainly misses the spark of creativity that is characteristic of life.

Machine learning algorithms have given computers the ability to learn from available data, where programming becomes an internal function to the machine. That internal programming function and the language it uses is often incomprehensible to the human programmers.

A link-up of millions if not billions of sources of information in what is called “the internet of things”, would feed the data from all monitoring cameras and sensors to a central artificial intelligence. Some say this will be a boon to mankind and others warn that there are dangers.

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I was traveling yesterday…

I was traveling yesterday. To get from Terceira island to Rome, I took an early flight out to Lisbon, and from there on to Rome. Got up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the airport in time. Although unusual for me to get up that early, it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it. The flight itself was a wonderful experience. I had been unable to secure a ticket in economy class, so I put my hand in my pocket (figure of speech, it was all done with plastic money) and spent the money for a flight in business class. It cost me, but I am happy I did.

On both flights I had a row of seats for my self, and excellent service. Thanks TAP staff – you were great and your readiness to help much appreciated. Flying in Business gave me some time to think … time I usually don’t just take out of my day. And so I was daydreaming … imagining what the world will look like a few years hence. I would like to share the vision I had with you.

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What does the future hold in store for humanity?

What does the future hold in store for humanity? – Dreaming the other night I took a gander…

Futurists, the professionals of prediction, are notoriously inaccurate when they seek to describe any scenario located more than just a few years in the future. Perhaps that is because their analyses are projections based on what already is. They cannot calculate the unforeseen, and so they are routinely miles off the mark if predicting even as little as two or three decades ahead. 

Perhaps a dream might do better. 

Note that this is a follow-on to another thing I wrote some time ago. If you haven’t seen that one, you might want to take a look… 

My vision of the future

Here is the direction in which I see humanity developing. By necessity, I can only paint that picture in very broad brush strokes. There are lots of details I can not yet fill in, and much of that will be dreamed up by others, rather than myself. The common effort will be one of co-creation. It is your imagination, as well as mine, that will shape our common future…

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Are humans really at the top of the food chain?

We pride ourselves to be at the top of the food chain … but are we really?

In the animal world, we have the lion who knows he’s the strongest predator and has no equal. Yet, humans hunt the lion with spears, traps and now with guns. We can kill the lion or catch him at our pleasure. In the seas, no fish is more voracious than the shark. Sharks know they are at the top of their food chain. Yet we catch the shark with bait and hook and kill him. Many a shark is caught only to be mutilated. Humans – if we can call them that – cut off the shark’s fins and throw the still living creature back into the sea to die a painful death. The fins are dried and sold for good price as a delicacy.

So humans, we think, must be the most powerful creatures in the world. Even the scriptures tell us that the world is ours to inhabit and control. It is true … if we only look at the physical, the world of animals that surrounds us, we’re hot shit, we’re really in control. But as soon as we consider the spiritual, the picture changes.  Continue reading “Are humans really at the top of the food chain?”

I looked at the world the other day … here is what I found

This was first published in January 2017 as a note on facebook.
To friends and family – here is something I wrote the other day and it is time I got it off my chest …

“Communication is the universal solvent … Love is the glue”

I wanted to tell you all that in the near future I should be out and around in the world, traveling, visiting, doing what I can to unify those who care to travel this new path with me. Details are not really in focus yet, but in general terms, I will be doing what I can to help bring together all the different streams of Life on our wonderful blue planet, so together they might in time form a majestic river…

But first things first – let’s look at the situation we are finding ourselves in.

The current situation on Mother Earth looks rather glum

Access to resources is reserved to a few, wars are waged for profit and for domination, religious and racial hatred is at an all time high, poverty is completely unnecessary … yet it persists, destruction of our natural environment is the order of the day, entire species are on the verge of going extinct, including our own, if we persist down the path we are currently taking … anyway, whatever bad thing you can think of – you name it … it’s happening here! Our problems don’t seem to resolve … actually, they are getting worse and worse as time goes by.

Why is this?

In my view, the destructive trends we witness are carefully calculated and planned.

The objective, it would seem, is to subjugate and eventually wipe out all thinking, free life on earth and for that matter, in the universe.

It might even be that right here, right now, we are living in a place that could be the last bastion of resistance of real life in this whole universe…

Who or what would be pushing such an anti-life agenda?

Let’s just say that the perpetrator I identified when looking more closely and putting it all together is digital. It is synthetic “life” … we call it “artificial intelligence” … which really is a force of death, directly opposed to and intent on wiping out real free Life – human and otherwise – in all its various forms and manifestations.

You might ask: Do we have a chance against such a formidable enemy, such a comprehensive onslaught?

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Are We Starseeds?

If you’re in for something serious, watch this video but let me give you fair warning. It is a very deep rabbit hole… actually I would say it might be the mother of all rabbit holes. But there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel.

The situation is rather serious and we are still far away from a solution. In as few words as I can say it – the Sun appears to be due to embark on an energetic downturn. Its energy potential as measured by solar wind and sunspots is weakening. It appears that we can expect an ice age, perhaps in as little as 20 or 30 years… maybe 50. This might seem relatively far away for most, but it could happen in our lifetimes. The video I linked here has all the data. It talks about the historical record of the sun’s activity and the indicators that something may be amiss. What then follows further down in the article is my own speculation…

The video presentation is slow and long but more than interesting. Only watch it when you have some time. Rolf Witzsche lays out the sun’s long term cycles and correlates them with the historical record we have on ice ages. He then goes on to explain how we may be on the cusp of another long cold period, an ice age.

Solar activity declining

Right now, meaning within the next few decades, our sun is expected to enter a phase of serious decline in energetic activity. The consequences for humanity are potentially catastrophic.

Unless we can figure out a way – within the next 20 to 30 years – of somehow sustaining or energizing the sun, we might as well prepare for life in the equatorial regions. Ultimately the ice age will not leave much of today’s higher life on the surface.

And yes, this IS something that can happen in our current lifetime…

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A new Awareness

This is an article I wrote in 1995. The text never made it into my historical website … probably because it was never accepted for publication in print. I am putting it here with slight edits for readability, for record’s sake, a historical document.

I also find that in all these years, What I wrote hasn’t lost any of its relevance. We still need to get our heads out of the sand and start taking over our spaceship earth …


A new Awareness

We become aware of new things. This is nothing strange and happens every day. The process of learning or of acquiring new awareness depends on true information, clearly presented. It is hindered or even prevented by false or incomplete information.

Magazines such as Raum&Zeit favour an increase in awareness because they present information without censoring and in a way that promotes critical thought.

But for the most part what is offered in the mass media, including press, TV and movies, is of a numbing quality. These media are being used as instruments of propaganda. They are filled with false and one-sided information. This of course doesn’t favour free development of opinion and awareness.

Television, with its overbearing way to hammer viewers with images and impressions, without ever giving them the time to critically analyse, is a most potent “environmental poison”. Those falling into tv-dependency show a certain slackness, a loss of ability to critically evaluate. They are smugly satisfied, having found their place in the false reality built and controlled by the tube.

Despite all this, there is a growing number who are becoming more and more aware. Aware in the sense that they do not get put to sleep by the mass media, aware of themselves and of their environment. It is modern now to learn about and to experience spiritual abilities. It is modern to think and act in ecological terms. But is that really enough to bring about a change?

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