The virus of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an ability to calculate but it misses morals and it certainly misses the spark of creativity that is characteristic of life.

Machine learning algorithms have given computers the ability to learn from available data, where programming becomes an internal function to the machine. That internal programming function and the language it uses is often incomprehensible to the human programmers.

A link-up of millions if not billions of sources of information in what is called “the internet of things”, would feed the data from all monitoring cameras and sensors to a central artificial intelligence. Some say this will be a boon to mankind and others warn that there are dangers.

I say artificial intelligence is a virus. It is a ‘program’ with the ability to hijack life, and it will sooner or later do so, if given the chance. A biological virus is characterised by its ability to use living cells as hosts, to use them for its own replication, and eventually to change the conditions of the whole organism, bringing about illness and death. In computing, a virus uses a host computer or a whole network of hijacked computers to replicate and to change the computing environment, so as to do things that were not intended by the original computer programming.

Artificial intelligence steps this game up to the level of all life. AI uses life as a host and it seeks to take control of universe.

Humanity is a cosmic experiment

Life is all about experience, it loves to explore, to develop, to gather experience. The human experiment is no exception here. We have invented duality to make the game more interesting. By introducing dual opposites such as good and bad, male and female, we introduced opposing goals in all endeavours of life. In this way it was possible to have a wealth of experiences that were otherwise unthinkable. The strife thus introduced has led to a great stimulation of human genius. After all, if there are two sides and they compete, each one is stimulated to do their best, at least that was the idea. And it worked, humanity saw huge technological progress in a relatively very short time.

One stroke of genius was to invent machines that can do much of our work for us, and even some of our thinking. But that has also brought us to a watershed moment, a point where we must choose whether our future is going to be determined by technology or by life itself. We are a bit like the sorcerer’s apprentice, in that we’re about to unleash a power that we have no idea how to control.

At this point, it would be easy to lose human creativity while we put our lives in the hands of machine algorithms. Yes, it would probably look great at first … there would be no more wars, no poverty, everyone taken care of, as long as they fit into the system we’d be working out together with the computers, but soon the cracks in this perfection would start to appear. We all have seen films showing us a dystopic future where individuals, who do not adapt to “the system”, go through a great deal of difficulty. Sometimes they are able to “break the machine” for the benefit of all.

We are living in just such a time, and fortunately we still have a choice. Life on earth, and perhaps in this universe, is suffering from a virus, and what do you do when a virus threatens to take over? Obviously, you can throw the whole thing out and start anew. This has happened a few times, but it is both lazy and wasteful. We have an opportunity to learn if we only keep calm and look. First you observe, you find out all about the virus, how it works, what it does, and how it could potentially take over the whole culture. Then you find an antidote, something that confers a natural immunity against the virus. In our case, the antidote would be a change in our human operating basis.

We must end separation

We have to outgrow duality and change from a culture of hate and competition to one of love and collaboration.

That means no more distinction between “this is good life” and “that’s bad life”, those are things of the past. No more “the light will vanquish the shadow”. We are all life, we have done it all, no one is without their own very personal shadows and really, it doesn’t matter. Let the past rest, be positive in the present, and imagine the future as an adventure filled with creativity and love.

We might even be able to usefully incorporate what is now considered a virus and a threat, into our lives and into our exploration of the wonders of this universe, once we learn how to properly control it.

Isaac Asimov, writer of science fiction, gave us an idea – he formulated his “three laws of robotics” – to try and imagine controling a then largely hypothetical danger lurking on the way.

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

These laws are a very basic stop-gap measure, and they were imagined in a time when the capabilities of machines were only rudimentary.

In today’s age of machine learning however, they appear wholly insufficient and in addition, there is a lack of agreement if or how to use those laws, and there’s really no way to enforce them.

We must act now if we want the human experiment to be successfully concluded, giving rise to a future of great creativity, of joy, of love and collaborative effort, a future of abundance for all, and of freedom to find and re-develop our long lost personal abilities. Otherwise we end up consigning the future to computers, letting the machine take over the tedious jobs at first. Then we’d progress into a trans-human existence, where we meld our bodies with the machine and become willing cogs in a game not of our own design. Not really an attractive prospect.

We need, as humanity, to develop our natural resistance to the virus of artificial intelligence that threatens humanity’s future development, if not the existence of humans as such … and that natural resistance can only come from our own personal selves.

Love is the answer

We have the key in our hands, even for the use we will be making of the power of computers.

As long as we are loving and creative, we will live lives that put individual freedom and spiritual development first and we’ll learn how to develop computers in the same direction. There is no virus that can survive such an environment.

I was traveling yesterday…

I was traveling yesterday. To get from Terceira island to Rome, I took an early flight out to Lisbon, and from there on to Rome. Got up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the airport in time. Although unusual for me to get up that early, it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it. The flight itself was a wonderful experience. I had been unable to secure a ticket in economy class, so I put my hand in my pocket (figure of speech, it was all done with plastic money) and spent the money for a flight in business class. It cost me, but I am happy I did.

On both flights I had a row of seats for my self, and excellent service. Thanks TAP staff – you were great and your readiness to help much appreciated. Flying in Business gave me some time to think … time I usually don’t just take out of my day. And so I was daydreaming … imagining what the world will look like a few years hence. I would like to share the vision I had with you. It was really full of life while I thought it up and I am not sure I can catch it all in this attempt at reconstruction, the recording may be imperfect. For sure the sequence isn’t the original one, but maybe you can get the idea anyway.

I think it started out with Economy, with how we see money, how money might change to not be such a coercive and determining factor in our lives any more. I see a basic oncome for all, regardless of their economic status. So basics are taken care of for everyone, and then we can work, do art, have a business or whatever to have more as needed. Money will be issued without having a debt at the other end, not by the banks but by a money issuing authority, so money needed for the economy as a whole will no longer be subject to continuous payment of interest. Speculation will also be a thing of the past, as any transaction of shares and other papers will pay a small tax, taking the advantage out of speculative transactions, especially out of electronic trading where values are bought and sold in millisecond intervals, hundreds of times a day. There won’t be any more tax on income. Possession will be taxed, not income. Money itself will be subject to negative interest, i.e. it will lose a small percentage with the passage of time, making sure there are no huge stores of accumulated money that just sit there idly attracting more of it to grow.

The first question that comes up when ideas of a universal basic income are put on the table is “where will all that money come from”. Ending all wars and converting armies to more useful civil protection type functions should do the trick. Major chunks of countries’ budgets so go to war related spending, and that will be freed up. Other major chunks of countries’ budgets go to payment of interest on debt. Those can also be avoided, once the issuance of money is converted over to debt-free money. Other savings will appear as we develop those ideas.

Energy is another big area where we will see deep changes. We have to de-commission all atomic power plants. It is no fun to sit on hundreds of toxic radiation time bombs, all waiting to blow (or rather melt down) as soon as there is no electricity available to cool them. There is a method of getting rid of the radioactive waste (the half burned fuel rods) by proton beam irradiation. This can recover a lot of energy, while handling the problem of having to store highly radioactive materials in containers that are guaranteed to fall apart with time, especially in the long time spans (thousands of years) required by the long half life radioactive elements. Other ways to accelerate the decay of radioactivity will appear as soon as we put our mind to the problem. We will also have to get off oil, coal and gas, the hydrocarbon type energy carriers we extract from the ground. They are too polluting to the environment. We get pollution during recovery (think of fracking and oil spills) as well as in the refining and the eventual burning of those fuels for energy.

“What will we substitute for that”, would be the obvious question many may ask.

Energy generation will be mainly fuelless. We already have renewable environmental energies to use like solar, wind and the flow of water, both in rivers and in the seas. Wind generators can become more efficient if we adopt different systems, water flows can be used to great advantage if we consider and start using the vortex dynamics inherent in the water’s flow. Hydrogen production will become interesting by disassociation of water with resonant frequencies requiring much less electricity than classical electrolysis. The resulting hydrogen or hydrogen/oxygen mix can replace many of our liquid and gaseous fuels. Permanent magnets will be used to drive generators of electricity without need for fuel. The energy inherent in space itself will be tapped with the use of electronics as already shown by Tesla and others in the first half of the last century. The limiting “laws of thermodynamics”, formulated in the age of the steam machine, will be consigned to history as a temporary aberration that has held us back for a century or more.

Transport will be revolutionised with individual air traffic. We are learning with drones what will eventually lead to people-transporting flying machines that take off and land on a back yard pad. Teleportation will be another added option, as well as long distance (interplanetary) wormhole travel. Both teleportation and wormholes have been used for decades in secret, black budget government programs and the technology will be made available for public use as soon as we-the-people can take back control of governments.

Health Care will be open to all options, including traditional forms of medicine, healing herbs and nutrients, energy healing, frequency and light, and other methodologies. As long as results can be shown, it will be available. No more exclusive “officially approved” kind of medicine but a free field, open to all modalities, all practiced and integrated and used in hospital settings and private practice. There will no longer be any coercive imposition of medical interventions like psychiatric drugging or vaccines. They will be available but no one can be forced against their will and no children can be vaccinated against the parents’ will. Individual freedom of choice.

Education will be free, meaning students get to study what they are interested in. Basic schooling will be available in public and private schools but can also be done at home by parents or an educator. Learning will be continuous, not just limited to the first years of life, and there will be plenty of opportunities to choose from.

The Media will be distributed and once again free to report on what is really happening.

Justice will be swift and fair for all. Corporations will be treated as individuals are today. If a crime is committed as a consequence of corporate policy or chain-of-command enforced action, the corporation will be co-responsible with the individuals involved. We will recognize that corporations, if they have rights, must also shoulder the responsibilities that come with them.

We will end pollution of the Environment. Plastic in the waterways and the oceans will be cleaned up, and in future, most plastic will be bio-degradable or recycled. Agricultural runoff into waterways and the use of poisons on crops will be a thing of the past. We will be planting trees in many of the marginal lands that allow for it, which will improve the natural water cycle and retention of water in the ground.

Agriculture will be working without poisons, and without cruel treatment of animals. It is a basic precept that agriculture must build the soil rather than degrade it. We will also find new food sources, such as algae, krill and plankton, things which are nutrient rich and can be cultivated with minimal impact on the environment.

And finally we will learn how to harness Artificial Intelligence for huanity’s benefit. We will figure out how best to use and how to limit the capabilities of comupterized artificial “life”. This may be one of the most difficult things to achieve but we must put our passion and capabilities into it. Our future as individuals and as a species depend on that.

Did I say I was daydreaming? Perhaps I was, but I could swear I saw the world shaping up in just that way…

What does the future hold in store for humanity?

What does the future hold in store for humanity? – Dreaming the other night I took a gander…

Futurists, the professionals of prediction, are notoriously inaccurate when they seek to describe any scenario located more than just a few years in the future. Perhaps that is because their analyses are projections based on what already is. They cannot calculate the unforeseen, and so they are routinely miles off the mark if predicting even as little as two or three decades ahead. 

Perhaps a dream might do better. 

Note that this is a follow-on to another thing I wrote some time ago. If you haven’t seen that one, you might want to take a look… 

My vision of the future

Here is the direction in which I see humanity developing. By necessity, I can only paint that picture in very broad brush strokes. There are lots of details I can not yet fill in, and much of that will be dreamed up by others, rather than myself. The common effort will be one of co-creation. It is your imagination, as well as mine, that will shape our common future…

Mother Earth

In biological terms, the earth is our common mother, it nourishes and keeps us, and it provides the conditions life needs to develop and thrive. 

We will find a way to ground ourselves, to find our connection with our common mother and with all of Nature around us. This will be a healing experience and as we heal, Mother Earth will heal as well. 

We will appreciate the preciousness of clean, abundant water, of the forests, the land and all life that thrives here. We will also modify emerging technologies towards a much more parsimonious use of this planet’s precious resources. Large patches of land that are now inhospitable deserts will again be covered by vegetation and be accessible to human and animal habitation. Animals and fish will no longer be the principal source of food for humans, and there will be an abundance of wildlife populating the forests, the savannahs, the air, the rivers and the seas.

No longer will we drill for oil or dig the ground to mine coal and minerals. Our energy needs will be abundantly met by technologies that are not based on combustion. Uranium and other radioactive elements will no longer need to be concentrated and used for their heat-generating property. Since concentration and purification seems to be the problem with those materials, probably much of what has already been mined and concentrated and has been used to make weapons and to fuel atomic power plants, will again be distributed. We will give back to the earth, in small pieces, those concentrated materials that are dangerous if stockpiled in large quantities. There will be no storage of “radioactive waste” in huge underground caverns and abandoned salt mines, where it waits only to corrode its containers and bring trouble once more. 

While there will still be great cities and imposing buildings, with better options for transport, many of us will prefer to live in a more natural environment. Our living spaces will blend in with the surrounding natural environment, rather than sticking out like a bunch of sore thumbs. 

There will be a re-discovery of the importance of the earth’s natural and artificial energy grids. We will seek to understand and will strive to harmonise with those energies, not only as individuals but also in the structures we build or re-build and in the stone art we create. 

Sex and Family 

Sex will be seen as sacred, a creative force inside each one of us to be celebrated… a path to the union of souls as expressed in the physical. The sharp distinctions between the traditional roles of male and female will progressively fade into insignificance, both in our personal relations and in society as a whole. The game will no longer be to achieve the domination of one sex over the other. Society will be neither patriarchic nor matriarchic, instead there will be loving cooperation and playful interaction between the two former opposites. 

While the union of male and female with a view of raising children is still going to be the norm for as long as we have human bodies, we will develop a loving tolerance for the many variations of sexual relationships and preferences that do not have the birth and raising of children as their exclusive focus. Male and female can be considered to be the extreme ends of a vast spectrum of sexual orientations, and there are many possible combinations that can arise in each one of us as well as between us that are not at those extreme ends…

Family will continue to have great importance. Parents and children generally love each other and we will protect our children and raise them with love and great care. Both parents and grandparents will participate in the raising of children. Single parents may find support from friends and community. 

A small beginning in this direction are the family homesteads or ‘kin’s domains’ which are being established in Russia in numbers and are already spreading from there to the world. Kin’s domains are plots of land, usually about ten acres in size, that allow for trees, hedges, bushes and sometimes lakes or ponds. The land provides space for cultivating most of the food a family needs, including vegetables and fruits. There may be raising of some animals, including fowl and fish, either as pets or to allow for variation in our food. The family home, built on that same patch of land, provides space for the whole family to live together … all ages from babies to elders. 

Groups and Communities

Communities and groups will bring people together and will allow them to pursue all kinds of common interests. There will be both local communities and those that connect over distances, bridged by ever better means of communication. Each one of us will probably be a member of several such groups, providing us with a way to create what we are passionate about. This may be commerce, faith, science, technology, or fun activities … they used to say ‘only the sky is the limit’ but I rather think there will be no more limits to creativity. 

Communities may, in the future, also provide a perfect entry point for a different kind of government structure, one where people can have a say in the decisions that regard their lives. This will be true for various levels of government, be it local, regional or planetary. Democracy will be a much more fine grained affair than it is now. It will be the people themselves, the voice of humanity, not corporations or computer programs who have the last word.


Good food of great variety can provide all the elements our bodies need – the raw materials to transform inside ourselves – to sustain health and continually re-generate our bodies. Combined with a physically active life style, this alone will prevent most of the illnesses that plague us today. There is no reason why we cannot be in perfect health all the time. With all the natural elements this earth provides in herbs and foods, our bodies do not have to decay into illness. Yes, we will continue to age as long as we have physical bodies, but potentially those bodies do not have to die after just a few decades of life. Our physical life span will no longer be limited to ‘three score and ten’ years as they used to say, but will match or exceed the several centuries that were common in ancient biblical times…

Much of the illness we see today is iatrogenic – meaning it is medically induced – by way of vaccinations and toxic drugs. The current pharmaceutical business that controls and directs medicine, is thriving on more and more illness, so it is geared to produce more illness. It will have to undergo a deep transformation to become a scientific way of supporting good health and extending life span. There is certainly room for emergency medicine, for patching up broken bodies, for regenerating them, and I believe that in the future, medicine will make great strides in that direction … after being transformed from an extremely profitable business to becoming more of a social service. 

We will also abandon current efforts to label emotional and mental problems as illness. Today, those psychiatric labels are what provides the justification for forceful intervention to keep everyone well adjusted to society. Tolerance of diversity and care for the needs of all will replace the violence, the coercion and the heavy pharmaceutical interventions that have made psychiatry a tool of controlling individual behaviour in favour of societal uniformity. 

Great care will also be taken to eliminate environmental sources of bad health, including air pollution, toxins in our foods and water, and the electromagnetic interference that weakens all living organisms. 


Money will no longer be the determining factor for whether we can eat, have a place to live, or have the amenities that make life a little more joyful. There will be no trading of currencies, one against the other, and no accumulation of huge amounts of money (and power) in the hands of a few. Trading is a form of interaction with foreigners, with those who are not part of family or trusted circles in human society.

Instead of money being a pre-condition for obtaining things, it will be a simple accounting system, a point system of sorts, that roughly keeps track of what we contribute to society and what we consume. Much of our economy will simply be based on gifting, voluntarily providing for others something that is easy for someone to make and that holds value for the other … just for the pleasure of giving. 

Some of the more expensive-to-produce products – and the larger items we may dream about – will require a reality check, in the sense that our contribution to society should be in approximate balance with what we can acquire. The point (or credit) system will take care of that…

Agriculture and animals

We will continue to have agriculture and to raise animals for food, but we will do that with a sense of respect for both the natural environment and the welfare of the animals that give their lives to sustain ours. 

We will also find new ways to produce the food we eat that do not rely on plants and animals. An example of this would be plankton, the myriad forms of microscopic living organisms that naturally grow in the Oceans. Plankton provides an exclusive source of food for most species of whales, which are among the largest and longest living mammals on earth.

It is possible, for instance, to grow tons of plankton in transparent tanks, using as the only input sea water and the light of the sun. This cultivated plankton can be filtered out and the sea water can be returned to where it came from, still richer in plankton than when it was taken. The filtered product, which is a dense, nutrient-rich paste, can then be transformed into delicious foods and into emergency rations, nourishment which would sustain us for the long term and do so without any measurable impact on the natural environment. 

Food is also accessible to technology. Once we learn to control the transmutation of elements, we will find that almost any raw material has some elements that can be transmuted into those that nourish our bodies. Star Trek’s replicators come to mind…


We will take great care to make our technologies bio-compatible. 


Li-Fi, data transfer based on the humanly imperceptible modulation of visible light, will gradually replace the damaging cell phone and Wi-Fi technologies that are based on the the use of microwaves. Laser based transmission of data streams between satellites and earth and between relay points on land may replace those microwave technologies in our earth-bound communications. To efficiently bridge interstellar distances, other more advanced technologies like gravity modulation may be needed, and they will certainly be developed.


We will no longer be earth-bound as we develop individual air transport. All kinds of flying machines are possible, for us to navigate the skies and our neighbourhoods, and there will be all manner of drive systems, from simple propellers to jets and more advanced anti-gravity tech in our sky limousines and other, more exciting smaller flying gadgets. 


Mass transport over greater distances will use teleportation technology, which has already been developed but which – today – is a closely guarded secret, accessible only to governments and corporations. As this technology will become generally available, it will make long distance travel on earth and even interplanetary ‘hops’ a simple matter of stepping into a space that, through appropriate technology, can establish a direct link to a destination space, where we will arrive safe and sound, pretty much in a matter of instants. 

Space travel 

Long distance travel through interstellar and intergalactic spaces will be accessible to us as well, and it will not be based on rockets but on anti-gravity and other technologies that will be developed and refined in the future. Today, space technology that goes way beyond what NASA shows us, already exists but is restricted for use by a clique of renegades. Those technologies are not even futuristic, but like teleportation, are kept secret for reasons of control…

Energy technology 

The way we obtain energy to power our technological gadgets and amenities will be transformed radically by bringing new concepts on line. The choices of technology to provide energy are many and most probably there will be a plethora of different technologies, each one adapted for different environments and specific uses. 

Our source of energy could be the wind, the motion of water and the sun’s rays but there is also magnetism, there’s gravity, and last but not least there is the vast “sea of energy” of the space in which we are embedded.  Like fish in water, we do not perceive that sea of energy of which we are an integral part. That energy can be tapped however, as predicted by Nikola Tesla, and it can be transformed into useable electric energy by electronics, magnetics and other technological means. 

In terms of energy, only one thing is certain. We will no longer derive most of the energy we need from the burning of oil, coal or gas … nor from the heat provided by concentrated and purified radioactive elements.

Hydrogen, for example, the most abundant element in this universe and which is present also in interstellar space, is an excellent carrier of energy. That energy can be unlocked and used with comparatively simple means that are already available today, by efficiently splitting water into its constituent gases, hydrogen and oxygen. The re-combination and burning of those two gases can and will replace, in the near term, all the oil and gas we currently use for transportation and energy production, without any toxic or polluting emissions.

Here is what Nikola Tesla, the great forgotten genius, said about energy…

“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason; it has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”

The heart connection

We will realise that our heart is not a pump but a provider of the rhythm needed for blood to flow well in our veins. We will also understand that it is an important center of our own individual energy, and we will discover a way to bring about harmony and common intent, through connection with the heart’s energy. We will link up with each other and with life in general, using the subtle energy of love that radiates out from each and every human being’s heart. 

Creative Abilities

Telepathy and other psychic abilities come into this as well. As we abandon current practices of education, designed only to memorise data, not to question or create, we will find that children quite naturally have abilities to direct and use their own energies in ways that today are considered very much “out there”.

Moving objects at a distance for instance – telekinesis – will be quite common.

Simply disappearing from one place and instantly reappearing in another – teleportation – will be mastered by some at first and later by a great majority of us.

Overcoming the earth’s gravity to lift a human body off the ground, is the province of a few accomplished yogis today. In the future, lifting our bodies and flying will be another one of those abilities that many will gradually learn to appreciate, to control and use. 

We will also learn to use frequencies to create, making things appear and physically manifest “out of thin air” in rather magical ways, and we will learn to communicate with each other without the need for any physical or electronic devices. Telepathy will be an efficient way of communication, but it will be possible only when we are more open to being transparent.

It is also possible to learn to access knowledge, not through the tedious learning and sorting of facts but by directly tapping into a universal record of knowledge. Some call this the akashic record, and even today, a very few of us can tap into that record, which is part of and is present anywhere in this holographic universe. 

Music and other creative artistic expression will see a great revival. At first, we will be re-discovering and learning to use all kinds of traditional instruments that have long been forgotten. We will also learn to explore the tremendous potential of the human voice as an artistic instrument. 

There will be a whole new genre of visual and sensory art forms, providing much joyful entertainment. The best and most creative composers and performers of those new arts will be the sought-after stars of the future, making more ‘points’ than today’s greatest football stars.

The lost tribes

There are many remnants of indigenous, or rather original, people in every corner of the earth. Every continent is home to one or more of those original tribes. Those tribal cultures will revive and will gradually gather all of the ancient knowledge that has been preserved and guarded by their elders over centuries and millennia. 

Eventually, those tribes will come together again and, combining all their sacred wisdom, will do their part in forming a new version of humanity, much wiser perhaps and much more powerful than anything this universe has seen before…  

Perhaps at that point, humanity or a part of it may decide to explore the universe in pursuit of fun and adventure…

Heaven and Earth

There will, at a certain point, no longer be a distinction between Heaven and Earth. Just as we will overcome the oppositional relation between the sexes, the heavens and the underworld will join hands to help bring humanity out of its deep slumber and awake every last one of us to their divine potential.

This appears to be one of the most difficult things to achieve, as the counterposition of forces – those of light and those of the dark – is very deeply engrained in most of our religious cultures. I firmly believe however that, difficult as it might appear to be, this will be achieved. It must be achieved if humanity is to pass from its current confused, warlike state to a new equilibrium based on love and the balance of all forces. 

A common foe

The thing that unites us all, apart from Love, is a common foe that stands at our gates, ready to enslave all life to serve a non-life based, computer controlled force, that is already pervading much of our universe. We know it as ‘artificial intelligence’, a type of intelligence based only on calculation, without feelings and without creativity.

If intelligent life in its many forms is to survive, this is an influence which will have to be eliminated or brought under control.

Once that common foe is no longer a threat, there will be nothing that can endanger or reverse the peaceful development of humanity or the eventual return home to distant stars and galaxies of the many powerful beings present here, some of whom were trapped and forcibly re-located on our planet, with the intent of eliminating life as the creative force in this universe.  

Before that point is reached however, we have quite some work to do. I believe we can do it … if we all work together in a spirit of love and understanding.

Copyright and translations

I have re-considered my view on how copyright and translations should be handled. 
There is no copyright on any of my writings. They are in the public domain and are a gift to humanity. They shall forever be free of any exclusivity for commercial interests.
Translations of this and some of my other writings will probably appear in different places. I have no desire, nor do I have the capacity, to control who translates or how well they do it. The best translations will, by themselves, become the ones that are generally accepted, as long as communications are open and transparent. 

Are humans really at the top of the food chain?

We pride ourselves to be at the top of the food chain … but are we really?

In the animal world, we have the lion who knows he’s the strongest predator and has no equal. Yet, humans hunt the lion with spears, traps and now with guns. We can kill the lion or catch him at our pleasure. In the seas, no fish is more voracious than the shark. Sharks know they are at the top of their food chain. Yet we catch the shark with bait and hook and kill him. Many a shark is caught only to be mutilated. Humans – if we can call them that – cut off the shark’s fins and throw the still living creature back into the sea to die a painful death. The fins are dried and sold for good price as a delicacy.

So humans, we think, must be the most powerful creatures in the world. Even the scriptures tell us that the world is ours to inhabit and control. It is true … if we only look at the physical, the world of animals that surrounds us, we’re hot shit, we’re really in control. But as soon as we consider the spiritual, the picture changes. 

In the world of the spirit, we humans are mere babies. We even refuse, for the most part, to consider what may be happening in the spirit world, or even to acknowledge that there is such a thing. Just like humans are outside the conscious world of the lion and the shark, what happens in the world of the spirit is outside our conscious knowledge. Of course that is speaking of run-of-the-mill humans here, not of the few who are spiritually awake and aware. Even our science – physics – steadfastly refuses to consider anything that is not “tangible” or “measurable”, and so we have, as a culture, no real knowledge of the spiritual environment we exist in. Religion, which professes to deal with the world of the spirit, is no better. We’re told to ‘believe’, to follow the expert, the priest, but never to explore for ourselves and to increase our knowledge and experience or to develop our mental/spiritual abilities.

But let’s get back to the food chain. Who or what could “eat” humans?

We should consider that in the spirit world, the currency is not meat but energy. We humans are producers of some of the most delicious kinds of energy around, strong energies that come with our emotions, especially the more nasty emotions like fear (terror), desperation and pain. The energies produced when we experience these emotions are apparently very stimulating food for some predatory species in the spirit world.

We live in what is generally called a 3D world, a very dense kind of reality, where matter is really solid and persistent. Other realities are apparently less dense, of a different, higher frequency. They can exist in the same space as this one, but are separated from our world by an invisible barrier. This is a barrier that is merely perceptual, meaning it exists only for us who cannot perceive those higher frequency ’dimensions’ or realms. 

Humans are stuck in this reality, and we generally are blissfully unaware of what is going on around us, even if that stuff determines our lives. With the help of certain drugs we might catch glimpses of those other realities, but more often than not, we cannot bring them back and make others understand what it is like out there.

We farm animals for their meat. Treat them badly, too. Well, in a very similar manner there are some species “out there” that farm us humans for our emotional energies. They enlist the cooperation, voluntary or forced, of some of us to make sure we keep producing those emotions. Be that as it may, the emotional harvesting only can function as long as we are unaware of what’s happening, and as long as our lives are full of stress, full of disaster, full of illness and terror. 

Since the most delicious energies seem to come from the most terrible (for us) emotional experiences, we are being served a reality that will stir exactly those emotions. 

Robert Monroe – I highly recommend his books to get an idea of what other realities may be out there – calls those emotional energies we are induced to produce “loosh”. He says that our loosh is being harvested and consumed. I would add that probably it is worked into all kinds of delicious dishes… Look for Monroe’s “Far Journeys” to start with. There is also another one of his books called “Ultimate Journey”. Those books are like a travel diary into the world of dreams and the spirit. They do make for interesting reading. 

This harvesting has been going on for a long time. Some people got a whiff of it and they were researching and teaching in the Middle ages, only to be wiped out as heretics by the intervention of the Roman catholic church. 

So we have had wars, famines, desperation and illness for ages. Recently, the pressure was increased a notch. It started with the demolition of the World Trade Center in 2001, arranged as a perfectly staged terror event. Then we got “shock and awe” as a doctrine of war, applied to the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now we have a “war on terror” that is but a means of keeping us continually afraid … terrorised. Regular terror events are staged for the benefit of press reporting, complete with actors and dead bodies.  

Our medical system suppresses real cures and instead “treats” illness from cradle to grave. Vaccines start us out into a sick life, kids are medicated in school and later as adults are drugged for “mental problems”, cancer drugs are poisons that kill the patient, suffering all the way. And of course we have wars and we have financial trouble and poverty … all things that could end tomorrow but are kept there to ensure a rich emotional harvest. 

I don’t think I have to go into detail about the means that are used to keep our terror and despair alive, or to keep us sick and dying and full of pain, or to deny us a life full of joy and happiness. The evidence is all around us and much has been written about that stuff for years. 

I would rather have us think about how to get out of being farmed for heavy emotions that aren’t necessary for our own survival and that fill our lives with misery and desperation. 

So here is what we all can do.

  • realise that you are not (primarily) a body but a powerful spark of life, a spiritual entity that is here for the experience, the learning that comes with a human life.
  • seek to develop your awareness of the realities that exist outside of the physical. Meditate, do Yoga, choose some kind of spiritual path that will increase your awareness and your abilities.
  • realise that much of what you see in the media are “arranged” events, that the terror shown in those events is stage managed, produced for our benefit. Do not let yourself get pulled into it. Cut the cord of that tv, trash the machine – you don’t need the propaganda.
  • find a way to stay physically fit and healthy by eating well, getting all the nutrients you need, getting some contact with nature, and making your body move. 
  • start growing some of your own food. Get into gardening, join a community or form one, cultivate direct, physical, person-to-person relations with others who are of a similar mindset. Help each other.
  • engage in your community, engage in work that will change society, work from the local level first and only then up to regional and national and perhaps global.
  • do everything with love. We aren’t in a competition. Collaboration is where it’s at. Give the gift of yourself and your works. 
  • start little islands of whatever that new society is going to be. Grow them and refuse to bend to any attempts to capture your emotions. 
  • if you have to grieve, do it. Then get on with life in a loving, caring way. 

I think that should make for a good start. 

Sepp Hasslberger

Terceira Island, June 2017

I looked at the world the other day … here is what I found

This was first published in January 2017 as a note on facebook.
To friends and family – here is something I wrote the other day and it is time I got it off my chest …

“Communication is the universal solvent … Love is the glue”

I wanted to tell you all that in the near future I should be out and around in the world, traveling, visiting, doing what I can to unify those who care to travel this new path with me. Details are not really in focus yet, but in general terms, I will be doing what I can to help bring together all the different streams of Life on our wonderful blue planet, so together they might in time form a majestic river…

But first things first – let’s look at the situation we are finding ourselves in.

The current situation on Mother Earth looks rather glum

Access to resources is reserved to a few, wars are waged for profit and for domination, religious and racial hatred is at an all time high, poverty is completely unnecessary … yet it persists, destruction of our natural environment is the order of the day, entire species are on the verge of going extinct, including our own, if we persist down the path we are currently taking … anyway, whatever bad thing you can think of – you name it … it’s happening here! Our problems don’t seem to resolve … actually, they are getting worse and worse as time goes by.

Why is this?

In my view, the destructive trends we witness are carefully calculated and planned.

The objective, it would seem, is to subjugate and eventually wipe out all thinking, free life on earth and for that matter, in the universe.

It might even be that right here, right now, we are living in a place that could be the last bastion of resistance of real life in this whole universe…

Who or what would be pushing such an anti-life agenda?

Let’s just say that the perpetrator I identified when looking more closely and putting it all together is digital. It is synthetic “life” … we call it “artificial intelligence” … which really is a force of death, directly opposed to and intent on wiping out real free Life – human and otherwise – in all its various forms and manifestations.

You might ask: Do we have a chance against such a formidable enemy, such a comprehensive onslaught?

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Are We Starseeds?

If you’re in for something serious, watch this video but let me give you fair warning. It is a very deep rabbit hole… actually I would say it might be the mother of all rabbit holes. But there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel.

The situation is rather serious and we are still far away from a solution. In as few words as I can say it – the Sun appears to be due to embark on an energetic downturn. Its energy potential as measured by solar wind and sunspots is weakening. It appears that we can expect an ice age, perhaps in as little as 20 or 30 years… maybe 50. This might seem relatively far away for most, but it could happen in our lifetimes. The video I linked here has all the data. It talks about the historical record of the sun’s activity and the indicators that something may be amiss. What then follows further down in the article is my own speculation…

The video presentation is slow and long but more than interesting. Only watch it when you have some time. Rolf Witzsche lays out the sun’s long term cycles and correlates them with the historical record we have on ice ages. He then goes on to explain how we may be on the cusp of another long cold period, an ice age.

Solar activity declining

Right now, meaning within the next few decades, our sun is expected to enter a phase of serious decline in energetic activity. The consequences for humanity are potentially catastrophic.

Unless we can figure out a way – within the next 20 to 30 years – of somehow sustaining or energizing the sun, we might as well prepare for life in the equatorial regions. Ultimately the ice age will not leave much of today’s higher life on the surface.

And yes, this IS something that can happen in our current lifetime…

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A new Awareness

This is an article I wrote in 1995. The text never made it into my historical website … probably because it was never accepted for publication in print. I am putting it here with slight edits for readability, for record’s sake, a historical document.

I also find that in all these years, What I wrote hasn’t lost any of its relevance. We still need to get our heads out of the sand and start taking over our spaceship earth …


A new Awareness

We become aware of new things. This is nothing strange and happens every day. The process of learning or of acquiring new awareness depends on true information, clearly presented. It is hindered or even prevented by false or incomplete information.

Magazines such as Raum&Zeit favour an increase in awareness because they present information without censoring and in a way that promotes critical thought.

But for the most part what is offered in the mass media, including press, TV and movies, is of a numbing quality. These media are being used as instruments of propaganda. They are filled with false and one-sided information. This of course doesn’t favour free development of opinion and awareness.

Television, with its overbearing way to hammer viewers with images and impressions, without ever giving them the time to critically analyse, is a most potent “environmental poison”. Those falling into tv-dependency show a certain slackness, a loss of ability to critically evaluate. They are smugly satisfied, having found their place in the false reality built and controlled by the tube.

Despite all this, there is a growing number who are becoming more and more aware. Aware in the sense that they do not get put to sleep by the mass media, aware of themselves and of their environment. It is modern now to learn about and to experience spiritual abilities. It is modern to think and act in ecological terms. But is that really enough to bring about a change?

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