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The List of Coincidences

by David Monroe
Monday, October 12, 2020

Tesla and free energy, David Monroe discusses the numbers 3, 6 and 9 and the one quarter wavelength input that produces energy gain stored in standing wave

This was originally a Facebook Note. David added numbers 21 and 22 on Sept. 07/2021, and added number 23 on Sept 11, 2021
(proof that my Tesla’s 3 6 and 9 video has been blacklisted)

I have always gone by the fact that The Truth Always Adds Up, but that can be tricky in a sea of propaganda and misinformation. There have been a number of things that have just kind of fallen in place, things that I was not necessarily looking for, but have found by accident, usually in researching someone’s claims against what I have been finding.

When I started all of this:

I DID NOT KNOW I could demonstrate, using the wave on a string app, what Stan Meyers meant when he said the voltage would rise to infinity, limited only by the equipment.

I DID NOT KNOW that what Tesla used to drive his wireless system with was a 1/4 wavelength and I DID NOT KNOW it had a 6 dB gain of the driving power that is stored on the standing wave, per cycle.

I DID NOT KNOW that the wave model of the electron was a 1 wavelength standing wave.

I DID NOT KNOW that chemistry, string theory, and music are all predicated on standing waves.

I DID NOT KNOW that the periodic table is just adding another electron and a proton ( a 1 wavelength standing wave ) which creates the next element. Literally everything that exists is standing waves.

I DID NOT KNOW that the 1/4 wavelength in Tesla’s wireless system proved his 3, 6, and 9.

NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE has anything that actually shows you how the 3, 6 and 9 relates to free energy. I can explain it and demonstrate it using the wave on a string app. If you input 3 watts of power it has a 6 dB gain, so for each cycle of the input power you get an additional 9 watts of power output, with a total of 12 watts stored on the standing wave per cycle of the input power. Who else can demonstrate that? His wireless system was a 300% over unity.

See my video on Tesla’s 3, 6 & 9:
which has been blacklisted so the only way you will find this video is if someone gives you the link like I just did here.

And if you don’t get it, watch this video, it makes it clear:

Are all of these things that I can demonstrate on the wave on a string app just a coincidence? I show some things in the video below, and I will be making more videos in the future.

Note, to understand how the wave on a string app relates to electricity, please watch this AT&T archive video.

List Of Coincidences

  1. Is it just a coincidence that the two main terms that seem to be intentionally not used, standing waves and 2D space, need to be understood to understand Tesla’s wireless energy transmission system?
  2. Is it just a coincidence that standing waves store every cycle put into them?
  3. Is it just a coincidence that anything one wavelength or more there is no additional gain?
  4. Is it just a coincidence that a 1/2 wavelength driving a coil has a 3 dB gain PER CYCLE of the input power, stored on the standing wave?
  5. Is it just a coincidence that Tesla used a 1/4 wavelength to drive his wireless system with, and that is the only frequency to use for an input drive that has a 6 dB gain of the driving power level stored on the standing wave, PER CYCLE?
  6. Is it just a coincidence that I can demonstrate, using the wave on a string app, what Stan Meyers said about his voltage intensifier circuit, that the voltage would rise to infinity, limited only by the equipment?
  7. Is it just a coincidence that there are people out there pushing no +/- charges exist, it’s only charge difference between two points, and that I have found the aether is neutrons which are particles with a +/- charge that creates the aether?
  8. Is it just a coincidence that some people are saying that time doesn’t exist? If you just stop to think about that, that’s in conflict of known facts, because everything that exist has a resonant frequency, and the last time I checked, frequency is time based. Are you starting to see what feeding the subconscious with conflicting information could do?
  9. Is it just coincidences that standing waves could be created when quasars are ejected from galaxies and that their red shift gets less, as the volume and luminosity increases in steps and depending on the type of standing wave, or where the reflection is the power would double, in incremented steps? In other words, the quasar is created at a reflection that is an anti node, not a node, and that’s what Tesla’s 1/4 wavelength does.
  10. Is it just coincidence that in one of the book of Psalms it says that throughout the universe there is no place that his voice is not heard, and that if everything exist on standing waves and standing wave are like your vocal cords, and your vocal cords vibrate the air creating sound waves (longitudinal waves) but standing waves vibrate electric only fields (the aether) in longitudinal waves, so there is no place out there where the voltage potential only longitudinal waves would not reach?
  11. Is it just a coincidence that in researching how the aether fills all space that we find in Crystal packing structures there are shapes created in the voids like the star of David? In this video 7:17 into the video?

    Added Oct. 12/2020
    Sorry, this is a better example
    I found this in my research for how the aether fills space which I am researching at this time.
  12. Is it just a coincidence that the aether is just two particles spinning in opposite directions and that to create a standing wave you need two signals traveling in opposite directions?
  13. Is it just a coincidence that they say Hertz waves are cycles per second and that using two transverse waves of the same frequency and amplitude creates a standing wave so you wouldn’t be able to use AM or FM modulations without destroying the standing wave, leaving you only with phase modulation, and that phase modulation would be modulating the volts per second and that is what they say Tesla’s waves do? I mean come on, how many things can JUST BE COINCIDENCE?
  14. Is it just a coincidence that Stan Meyers said he hit the plates with voltages that are 180 deg OUT OF PHASE and that these people saying there are no +/- charges can’t understand that?
  15. Is it just a coincidence that all the people working with coils trying to get over unity think that the extra power comes from using pulsed signals, but the real truth is the extra power output comes from the principles of superposition when setting up a standing wave?

    Until they understand standing waves, they will never get over unity. And they will never understand resonance either!
  16. Is it just a coincidence that our model of the electron is a one wavelength standing wave and that it resembles the infinity sign?
  17. Is it just a coincidence that by adding two or more electrons (standing waves of one wavelength) it starts to resemble DNA?
  18. Is it just a coincidence that Tesla used a 1/4 wavelength to drive his wireless energy transmission system which has the 3 6 & 9 hidden in it. 3 watts input power has a 6dB gain giving you an additional 9 watts of output and stores 12 watts PER CYCLE on the standing wave?
    See my video:
    Note: This video has been black listed, the only way you will get to it is by clicking on the link here, it will not come up in a search.
  19. Is it just a coincidence that Tesla had to walk around a building 3 times before he would go IN and that in his wireless system if you INput 3 watts it has a 6 dB gain giving you an additional 9 watts of output? Tesla wasn’t crazy, he was being suppressed while he lived, so he hid clues in these things that people thought were crazy.
  20. Is it just a coincidence that Tesla had to use 18 napkins with a meal? Again, he was being suppressed while he was alive, all traces of what he said about the 3 6 and 9 were being suppressed. I myself questioned if he had ever said anything about the 3 6 and 9, until I discovered what using a 1/4 wavelength does. 18/6=3, 18/3=6 and 18/2 = 9. I don’t think he was crazy, I think he was leaving us clues that indeed there was something about the 3 6 and 9. See the video above in number 18 for proof of the overunity in his system and how it relates to the numbers 3 6 and 9.
  21. Is it just a coincidence that in Tesla’s wireless system using a 1/4 wavelength, if you input 3 watts it has a 6 dB gain gining you an additional 9 watts with a total of 12 watts stored on the standing wave per cycle of the input drive? And if you you add the total power stored on the standinmg wave per cycle it adds up to 3 6 9 3 6 9 3 6 9 over and over?
    12 = 1+2 = 3
    24 = 2+4 = 6
    36 = 3+6 = 9
    48 = 4+8 = 12 = 1+2 = 3
    60 = 6+0 = 6
    72 = 7+2 = 9
    84 = 8+4 = 12 = 1+2 = 3
    And it just keeps repeating itself.
  22. Is it just a coincidence that if you add up just the extra 9 watts of power per cycle that it just keeps adding up to 9?
    18 = 1+8 =9
    27 = 2+7 = 9
    36 = 3+6 = 9
    45 = 4+5 = 9
    54 + 5+4 = 9
    Surely this is what he was talking about when he said “If you only knew the magnificence of the number 9.
  23. Is it just a coincidence that My video on Tesla’s 3 6 and 9 has been blacklisted? Of all the 3 6 and 9 videos out there, why mine? Is it because I’m right and they are still suppressing anything to do with Tesla’s 3 6 and 9?

    I can prove this. Look in the search window, for what I searched for…. I copied and pasted the name of the video into the YouTube search window so that it was the exact spelling and wording….. It’s a trip what does come up

    This is a search for the video I uploaded just after the 3 6 and 9 one. Once again, I copied and pasted the name of the video into the YouTube search window….. Look at what comes up in that search. Top of the list, where it should be, the video I was looking for….
    I just don’t have anything about Tesla’s 3 6 and 9 in the name of the video and I don’t talk about that in the video.

    I’m not saying they are blacklisting all videos about Tesla’s 3 6 and 9, because they are not. There are all kinds of them out there, but they are not saying what I am, they are what I call propaganda out of ignorance. See what comes up if you just search for Tesla’s 3 6 and 9

    This is not only proof that I am right, but also that they are still suppressing Tesla’s overunity of using a 1/4 wavelength to drive a coil with.
  24. Is it just a coincidence that … More to be added

Now I realize that not everyone is going to understand what I am saying about all of these coincidences, but I am hoping some will. I found it hard describing these things, so I may come back and change the wording to make it more clear? Anyone that gets it, I am open to suggestions in my wording.

The fact is that the more I research, the more the puzzle fits together, and I am constantly running into new things that I have to once again ask myself, is this just another coincidence? So what I am saying is the last entry here will always be “More to be added”.

I may leave a note at the top that says total to date and change that with a last updated date when I add more, so that anyone following this will be able to tell before expanding the file if there are any more added to the list from the last time they saw it.Anyone that doesn’t understand any of these coincidences, or they would like one added to the list, please try to leave a comment at the bottom when the post is expanded so that it will be on the original post on facebook, and not on a shared post, which will just make it easier for me to make sure I have addressed all questions or requests.

Thank you
David Monroe

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Apocalypse or Revelation, lifting the Veil

“What is the purpose of life?” 

I think that ultimately, the purpose of life is for life to know itself through experience … every kind of experience. Sometimes I think that we humans are really suckers for experience …

Someone, I forget who, made this play on words: “They know we know. We know they know we know. They know we know they know we know.” So we have a stalemate. Since knowledge is power, in one way or the other, the situation we find ourselves will resolve itself. 

For there to have been made predictions galore about this period of clarification, of lifting of the veil, a lot must be hidden from our view, enough to make this a period of special interest for many, whether human or not. 

Exposing the lies and filling in the omissions in our knowledge will be difficult to confront, if not traumatic for many. Perhaps I can somehow soften the blow by giving you a few hints as to what may be afoot and where to look to be prepared. These are my personal opinions, please don’t take them as statements of fact. 

I have said before that, if you take the official story, the consensus view of reality, and you reverse that by 180 degrees, you will be right most of the time. We could almost say that all those views that have been termed “conspiracy theories” are turning out, more and more, to be the gospel truth. 

Anyway, let’s not waste a lot of words. Here is my view of the areas we can expect to hear radically different stories about in the not too distant future: You may already be familiar with some of this to varying degrees… 

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Physics, as practiced in this 21st century, suffers from a fatal defect. It refuses to consider the non material aspects of existence to be relevant for our understanding of universe. In characteristic fashion, Nikola Tesla the great genius of the 20th century has practically been removed from the books of history while Thomas Edison is celebrated as the prolific inventor and Einstein’s relativity theories have been given all the undivided attention of physicists.

Something strange happened with this article. I recently got inspired to write down some thoughts about access to higher dimensions, and I found, when I completed the article and looked around for some links, that more than three years ago, I had written a very similar piece, which however was never published. The reason it languished in the guts of my computer was that, at the time, I had lost access to my blog and couldn’t publish. When the blog was re-established in a new place, I did not think to fish out that old article and put it up.

So here we are, with two similar articles on the very same subject. I was thinking to work it all into one, but then decided to give you both, the more recent one and the article that was written some years ago, to show how ideas change over time. Not much of a change really, but there definitely is a shift in emphasis. The latest article is titled Dimensions and Dimensionality, while the older one was called Dimensions of Universe. So here we go…

Dimensions and Dimensionality

The mathematicians would tell you dimensions are all mathematical, they are geometries of space. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the generally accepted “three dimensions” of physical space as we know it, are nothing but a mathematical abstraction, a crutch invented to aid orientation in omnidirectional space…

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A Healthy Heart …

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death in our society. What if the prevailing theory of the cause of heart disease was wrong, and what if heart disease could easily be both prevented and treated?

Most people, including most medical doctors, associate heart attacks with cholesterol, occlusion of the coronary arteries by plaque and an ensuing lack of oxygen that impairs the functioning of the heart muscle. It’s a widely accepted and rather simple “model” that doesn’t require a deeper understanding of what keeps the heart ticking. Millions of people have been “treated” with medicines and therapies that find their origin in this theory. But what if the model is wrong ?! What if there is a more realistic model that opens the way to successfully dealing with cardiovascular disease ?! And, what if this approach has been proven !! 

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Experts have their own limitations

Never never never completely trust an expert. 
Most of them seem to have lost their common sense!
Sepp Hasslberger

While experts are good at doing a well defined complicated task, they usually are not good at much else. 

Experts are specialists. They are needed to develop technological know-how and to overcome certain hurdles along the way of developing a technological society. What experts cannot do and should never be allowed to even attempt, is to govern other humans. They should not be allowed near any administrative or government function. 

In the German language we have a perfect term that shows the limitations of experts. Normally an expert is called a “Fachmann”, someone who has deep knowledge of a certain area, but we also call them somewhat depreciatingly yet lovingly “Fachidioten”. A “Fachidiot” is someone who has studied a certain matter closely but who may very well be, and usually is, an idiot in most things that lay outside of his field of study. 

The example of Covid-19

We see this in the incredibly stupid way the current covid ‘pandemic’ is being handled by our health experts. Their advice is to destroy national economies or rather to destroy the backbone of those economies, which are the small and medium sized businesses by closing them but not the large corporate mega stores. It is to wear masks that could not stop a dust particle, much less an airborne virus, and to stay home from work. it is to develop and roll out an experimental vaccine, a never-been-tried-before approach to genetically engineer humans. The idea is to inject them with RNA forcing the body to produce a certain protein thought to be part of that virus. The side effects of this experiment are still largely unknown as no long term studies of the “vaccines” have been undertaken. All of that to combat an illness that – without any treatment – has a survival rate of more than 99%, roughly comparable to that of the flu.

The outcome of those measures, possibly intended from the start, is to usher in a corporate controlled technocratic dictatorship, a dystopian society where humans will be a mere appendix of the machine, a resource to be managed. Technocracy or “rule by the experts” is a route that leads straight into disaster. Humans are not cogs in a machine, but cogs in a machine are all these experts can conceive of. So Technocracy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Klaus Schwab and company may be well meaning for humanity, but they are a sure way into dystopia. They envision a highly controlled society where the human individual counts for nothing. Life and all that is beautiful about it has no place in a technocratic future as planned for us by the governance “experts”… 

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The flexibility of time

Time is a human construct, so being humans, we should be able to bend time to our will. As it turns out, we actually are! If the daylight savings time experiment has taught us anything, it is that we humans can be flexible in our interpretation and in our experience of time. 

Changing back and forth twice a year between summer time and “natural” time has been the burden of humans for almost half a century now. But what we really did was conduct a great experiment of cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it on at the other end. This is quite unnecessary and it cannot be very productive to constantly disorient humans with respect to time. As a matter of fact, the European Parliament has come to the conclusion that the summer time experiment should finally be abandoned. 

I believe what really should be abandoned though is our inflexible, almost pedantic, attitude with regard to time zones and timekeeping devices. As it is, we are dividing the surface of the planet into different east/west zones that are delineated by hard, straight lines. There are 24 of those zones, one for every hour of the day, and they divide the world much like a political map. A little exception here and there, but in the main our conception of time has been rigidly geometric and it has been rather divisive. 

Larger time zones?

The Chinese have shown that a more flexible approach to time is possible. In 1949 they ended the division of their country into different time zones. Everyone in China observes Beijing time, despite the fact that the east/west extension of that country would suggest it be divided into five different timezone slices… 

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Money is King

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”
– Mayer Amschel Rothschild

He who creates the money is the sovereign. This was true throughout history, from the times when humans first started mining for gold on the African continent to the times of kings and warlords. The coinage of money – and in those times it was mainly precious metals – was a royal privilege … until we got industry and banking. 

The Royals lost their best asset, the power to create money, to the banks. Even in the United States, where the power to create money was initially given to Congress, the bankers succeeded, with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, to make the banks the ultimate arbiter of money creation … and things have gone downhill from there on out. 

Money wars

Wars are fought over money. Hitler, the “crazed dictator”, as it is fashionable to call him now, was actually trying to take the money power back from the international bankers. He did underestimate the challenge of a war declared by those international bankers on the German nation. 

In more recent times, we saw several countries designated as an “axis of evil”, to be destroyed, targeted for “regime change” by the policeman of the world, the United States of America. The legitimately elected leaders of those countries, characterized as “evil dictators” were targeted one by one. Some of them fell, their countries a bloody mess now, some of them are still standing, but constantly under siege. Oh yes, the salient feature that distinguished those countries was that they were financially independent, that they did not have a Rothschild controlled central bank and one of them, Gaddhafi of Libya, had the gall of proposing to establish a gold-backed currency for Africa to compete with the almighty dollar… 

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Time and the Cosmic Being

Visible light a narrow slice of electromagnetic spectrum

They say “time is an illusion”. I don’t think that is quite correct. What is an illusion is human limitation to a narrow range in the vast scale of cosmic time. Just like the light we can see with our eyes is but a small slice out of a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies, it appears to me that the human perception of time may be limited in a similar manner. I will try and explain … 

Time is a mere consequence of the existence of matter and energy. That is why time is unique to this 3D, physical plane of existence. What creates the apparency of time is motion. We measure frequency of motion which is, the intervals between repeating events. Events are linked to matter (and energy) in motion.

Life itself is timeless and therefore, in 3D terms, eternal. It is only the physical expression of life that is subject to the laws of time, to the gradual degradation of physical integrity characteristic of existence. 

Just like we have tonal scales or octaves in music, one could say there are scales of time. From the micro scale of particles – atoms and molecules – to the macro scale of stars, galaxies and universe, with us humans stuck in a narrow band somewhere in the middle. Perception of time changes with frequency of motion and just like matter therefore, time is fractal. 

On a cosmic scale of time, the existence of humanity is a mere blip on the radar screen. What to us appears as thousands of years are mere moments in cosmic time. Billions of our years measure the lifetime of a star. 

Humans can transcend time

Although on a cosmic time scale, what we do here on earth might seem completely insignificant, it really is not. We do have a role to play in terms of cosmic events. 

Since humans are energy beings endowed with life, we are able to connect the different scales of time. Life as an eternal quality bridges all scales of time from the micro to the cosmic. The designs of life over all these scales are mysterious and full of wonder and we couldn’t even begin to understand them, unless we found a way to broaden our perspective. Other than being “mere humans”, we realise that at heart we are cosmic eternal beings. 

How are we able to do that? I believe stillness may be the key. It is stillness that gives us a chance of getting a glimpse of cosmic time. So we come to realise the important role that life, including human life, plays in the cosmic designs of universe. 


Behind Corona…

There is a new paradigm emerging. It says that there are serious questions about the existence of a thing we are calling “virus”. The argument is that what we see as a virus coming from the outside to infect us is actually an “exosome”, a particle emitted by our own cells in an effort to rid themselves of toxins or to adapt to an environmental stress. 

The whole concept of infectious disease is therefore under serious revision, but for the purpose of this writing I will use the terminology that has been used all during the so-called corona pandemic. Just keep in mind that infection may not be what we have been told it is.  

With all of the apparent insanity of corona related regulations and prohibitions, one might be forgiven to think that the Covid 19 bug is not a virus but something that attacks humans’ brains, something that prevents us from thinking straight. 

Never before has an illness that manifests much like a flu and that, when all the numbers are on the table and cleaned of exaggerations, is no more deadly than our regular winter season of colds and influenza. Never before has such an event been even close to giving justification for closing shops, restaurants and churches, scuttling public events, shutting down travel, or for everyone to stay at home, keep distance from each other and wear face masks, much less the closing of hospitals for everything but essential corona business. This has been a total disruption of the normal functioning of society, justified by what essentially is turning out to be a non-event. 

So what happened?

We all know it started in China, apparently in the now famous city of Wuhan, and that from there, “it” spread around the world. First projections were of great disaster and the public reactions, well rehearsed apparently and directed from the highest health authorities, were harsh and – at the time – almost understandable. 

As time passed and the severity of “it” came into perspective as being much milder than was generally anticipated, the restrictive prohibitions, instead of being lifted as they should have been, were made even more severe. At first, it was supposed to be an attempt to “flatten the curve”, in order to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed by all those sick people. It soon became apparent that most hospitals were essentially standing empty, their personnel sent home, and the anticipated wave of sick people never materialized in the way it was predicted except in fictionalized media reports. 

We now have a situation where, although deaths from the virus are approaching essentially zero, police in some countries are ordered to enforce strict curfews and people are chased out of parks and sent home off the beaches, at times arrested and charged or fined – insanity indeed. 

Let us look at some of the background of what appears to be an unmitigated disaster of wrong judgement if not outright misdirected action on the part of government officials.

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Platform Transparency

It has become abundantly clear in these times that the major social media platforms and search engines we use to get information and to communicate with our friends the world over, are less than transparent and that several of them actually engage in censorship of “unwelcome” views and information. 

Since many of our interactions happen through these electronic means of communication, this is a less than satisfactory state of affairs. It actually constitutes serious interference in our freedom of expression and our ability to form views to express. 

Censorship of views, the skewing of search results and deliberate deviation away from certain topics of discussion, have no place in a free society. I would therefore like to introduce a concept, a principle that needs to find its way into our legislation and perhaps more than that, into networking codes of practice. It is the concept of platform transparency. 

What is platform transparency?

Any publicly accessible platform used by a certain number of people, for example search engines and social media platforms, but also publishers and big tech providers as well as educational platforms, must make their algorithms and their rules of interaction publicly accessible… 

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