Experts have their own limitations

Never never never completely trust an expert. 
Most of them seem to have lost their common sense!
Sepp Hasslberger

While experts are good at doing a well defined complicated task, they usually are not good at much else. 

Experts are specialists. They are needed to develop technological know-how and to overcome certain hurdles along the way of developing a technological society. What experts cannot do and should never be allowed to even attempt, is to govern other humans. They should not be allowed near any administrative or government function. 

In the German language we have a perfect term that shows the limitations of experts. Normally an expert is called a “Fachmann”, someone who has deep knowledge of a certain area, but we also call them somewhat depreciatingly yet lovingly “Fachidioten”. A “Fachidiot” is someone who has studied a certain matter closely but who may very well be, and usually is, an idiot in most things that lay outside of his field of study. 

The example of Covid-19

We see this in the incredibly stupid way the current covid ‘pandemic’ is being handled by our health experts. Their advice is to destroy national economies or rather to destroy the backbone of those economies, which are the small and medium sized businesses by closing them but not the large corporate mega stores. It is to wear masks that could not stop a dust particle, much less an airborne virus, and to stay home from work. it is to develop and roll out an experimental vaccine, a never-been-tried-before approach to genetically engineer humans. The idea is to inject them with RNA forcing the body to produce a certain protein thought to be part of that virus. The side effects of this experiment are still largely unknown as no long term studies of the “vaccines” have been undertaken. All of that to combat an illness that – without any treatment – has a survival rate of more than 99%, roughly comparable to that of the flu.

The outcome of those measures, possibly intended from the start, is to usher in a corporate controlled technocratic dictatorship, a dystopian society where humans will be a mere appendix of the machine, a resource to be managed. Technocracy or “rule by the experts” is a route that leads straight into disaster. Humans are not cogs in a machine, but cogs in a machine are all these experts can conceive of. So Technocracy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Klaus Schwab and company may be well meaning for humanity, but they are a sure way into dystopia. They envision a highly controlled society where the human individual counts for nothing. Life and all that is beautiful about it has no place in a technocratic future as planned for us by the governance “experts”… 

I am not saying that experts are bad … far from it! They are extremely useful in some circumstances but they must be tightly controlled, meaning they must never ever be given responsibilities that lay outside of their narrow field of study not even, and perhaps especially not, in an emergency. 

We need generalists

That is what we have generalists for, people who can “connect the dots”, who can make sense of a complicated situation using their common sense and their knowledge of several fields. I think we also call those people polymaths, indicating that they are steeped not just in one field but have studied and can apply knowledge from a wide range of subjects. In this context we may mention Plato’s concept of the Philosopher King. Those were rulers who not only ruled but wisdom lovers who had a background in philosophy and the sciences. 

In the future, we will need to recruit our administrators (and no politicians, please) out of the pool of people who have a broad knowledge base and who can organise to get things done. We find such people as the CEOs or Chief Executive Officers of larger companies, we find them as businessmen (or women) who are successful. They are people who embrace a wide knowledge base, organisers who are also humans, not machines and certainly not the expert idiots already mentioned. 

Administrators instead of government

So politics is in for a revolution. Politicians have shown us that they cannot connect the dots. All they can do is rely on “expert advice”, on committees of experts, and then they make a complete mess of things. 

My proposal would be to do away with politics as we know it, that instead of forming a government by politicians, we choose administrators. We still need courts to administer justice and we need parliament to make and cancel laws, but parliamentarians should never choose government amongst their own numbers. They instead should appoint administrators with a more than decent record of success, administrators who can be re-called at the drop of a hat. 

Therefore, much like in business management, where CEOs are responsible to the board, in government administrators should be responsible to parliament and ultimately to the people. The administrators can employ experts but it is not the experts who should do the managing. It is the administrators who are ultimately responsible.

We do need to sort this out, otherwise we WILL end up in a world none of us want, just because we trusted the experts. 

Sepp Hasslberger
May 2021
Terceira, Azores

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The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

I did have another resource to list here, an article that discussed a broad range of the things that are wrong with the authorities’ handling of the pandemic. Can’t find it right now, I had it on facebook but more likely than not, they cancelled the link to the article as part of their general crusade against independent covid information…

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