The fall of the evil empire

Is the great American Empire about to fall?

(Image credit: Empire Earth – Wallpaper)

If it looks like an empire, if it acts like an empire, it probably is one. Is the great American Empire about to experience a catastrophic failure?

So at first you thought I was about to describe what is happening to Russia? No, I am talking about that other empire, the technological one, the one that spends more on weapons of destruction than most of the rest of the world combined. The empire is the country that somehow believes it has a very special, an exceptional status among nations, so special that it has to “export democracy” to other countries by force of arms. 

How could it be, I hear from Americans, that you describe our wonderful country as an evil empire? Well, America, and specifically the United States, suffers no equal. For instance we must all use the dollar in international commerce, and woe to any country that desires financial independence from the empire’s bankers. They are bunched up in the naughty corner, as an “axis of evil”, to be told a lesson. 

Message of Red Star Belgrade supporters to empire, at a recent match (March 2022)

Ostensibly built on “christian” values, empire does not tolerate competing ideologies, but it is those very same christian values that led to and justified empire’s original sin. European outcasts and adventurers invaded a then well populated continent, and they purposely and systematically exterminated those they found. The indigenous population, overwhelmed as they were by the superior firepower of empire’s weapons that had been developed and refined in war-torn Europe could not offer serious resistance. 

That genocide, the extermination of the indigenous peoples of America was “justified” by christian missionaries and priests of the Church of Rome who came with the conquerors. The religious men were feeding the idea that some lives were of value and others were not. The ones could be killed without mercy as they were “savages”, the others could do the killing without fearing sin because they were civilised and devout. That is how it all started. 

Mass Grave at Wounded Knee / Wikimedia Commons

The idea of an “exceptional” country came into being largely to cover up, to justify after the fact, that original sin of genocide. If we want to reason in religious terms, we certainly are not looking at “God’s nation” here. Since the rise of the nation was based on violence, on genocide, and since there is no acknowledgement of or remorse over that violence, the nation’s eventual decline seems to be predestined. 

How is it going to happen? No one knows, but there are indications that hubris is leading those in control of the empire’s politics in a dangerous direction: 

– To work for a global re-set that will subject both individual lives and nations to the dictates of technocrats, and that a major part of the world’s population does not want, is definitely a mistake.

– To use the world’s productive capabilities to sustain secret and violent activities in space and then to hide both those activities and their financing from earth humans … also a mistake. 

– To allow the kidnapping and enslavement of earth’s children for the pleasure of degenerates and for feeding the wars in space with troops, a serious mistake, just wait until the mothers find out. 

– To sell humans as slaves to aliens is a grave mistake as well. It shows those other civilizations out there what kind of barbarians we humans really are.

– And finally, to challenge a major land-based power, the Russian Federation, to threaten it with annihilation through NATO’s weapons at its doorsteps, that may turn out to be the mother of all mistakes. 

Hubris means you don’t care about those mistakes, after all, “God’s nation” can do no wrong. Well, I got news for you my American friends. You either rein in your government, and that includes cleaning out the “Deep State” or you will face the consequences. There is serious danger in being a citizen of a declining empire that no one wants around any longer. 

Sepp Hasslberger
Terceira island, March ‘22

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Image credit: Empire Earth – Wallpaper

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