The Artificial Intelligence Wars

They say attack is the best defense. Once you start attacking, others will join. Keep that in mind… 

I have written about AI before, first some years ago in a facebook note titled “I looked at the world and here is what I found” which identifies AI as the force responsible for the messed up situation in which humanity finds itself. Later on, I wrote another piece, “The Virus of Artificial Intelligence”, describing AI as a kind of virus, an anti-life force that is invading human life on earth. This piece however will turn things around, instead of AI being the active virus, it will be us humans that become the hunters, the active infiltrators of that – to most of us still imaginary – force, that is artificial intelligence or AI. 

Ideally, we humans should be healthy and self-determined, economically well off, close to nature and busy improving our lives and those of others in our communities. We should have time to invest into improving our personal abilities including those spiritual (psy…) abilities that are today something of an exception, like telepathic communication, telekinesis, teleportation and the ability to freely access and perceive distant spaces, as well as past and future events and knowledge.

Far from that, we still have widespread poverty and increasing homelessness and we practically have lost our privacy and self-determination, at least with respect to health. For the technocrats who rule the day, we humans are seen as a mere resource, an object of impact investment, a populace they intend to make “be good” and behave. Through widespread testing, our DNA is no longer a private matter and is no doubt ending up in someone’s centralised database. So we have reason to complain. 

Technological radiation

The radio frequency radiation from our communications devices is predominantly in the microwave range, with an emphasis on 2.4 gigahertz (resonant frequency of water and therefore used in microwave ovens) and 60 gigahertz, the resonant frequency of oxygen widely used by the emerging 5G technology. The more sensitive among us, the canaries in the mine, are getting sick from the continuous onslaught. It appears that every “improvement” of radio and microwave technology has come with an uptick in illness.  Arthur Firstenberg has written about that in “The Invisible Rainbow”. . .

Birds have inexplicably been falling out of the sky in recent years, hundreds of millions of bees have been lost to “colony collapse”, no doubt weakened by the waves, and over the last half a century, we have lost huge numbers of insects that used to be everywhere. Those of us old enough to have been driving cars in the 1960s and 70s remember that you could hardly keep your windshield clean from the number of flying critters that ended up as a hard-to-remove goo on them. Some may see the absence of that as a positive development, I see it as an indication that we have less life around these days. It almost feels like earth is being “terraformed”, not for humans but for a mechanical species that needs ubiquitous electronic connectivity. 

The pandemic

Apart from the fact that no one seems to be able to locate a purified specimen of the corona virus that is ostensibly causing all kinds of havoc, we seem to have lost all common sense on how to treat a respiratory infection. While safe and widely available meds have been put on the “forbidden” list in a number of Western countries, the one treatment that is highly dangerous (sedation and intubation) has unnecessarily cost untold numbers of lives. 

Vaccines were developed in highly “abbreviated” fashion, without animal trials and with human trials still going on as the experimental injections are being rolled out to be forced on everyone. It is now becoming clear that the vaccines are causing more damage than the original respiratory virus ever could. Yet, the statistics about that damage are not being collected and where they are, they are being actively suppressed so as not to cause “vaccine hesitancy”.  Apparently the numbers of vaccine related deaths are huge but they are being hidden away. One might be forgiven to think of a grand conspiracy between governments and the owners of a compliant mainstream media. 

As already said, cures have not been pushed at all and have even been prevented, with doctors that apply such things as Hydroxychloroquine or Budesonide or Ivermectin being persecuted, their social media accounts closed, their careers ended. Fortunately some of the less industrialised countries are widely applying such cures and have found that both hospitalisations and deaths from the pandemic “virus” have remarkably subsided. 

Natural immunity, the one thing that has ended every pandemic we so far encountered, has been erased from the vocabulary of medicine, it seems. 

Controlling the herd

There is a big push for “vaccine passports” or the so-called “green pass”. They are being heavily promoted, with people denied entrance to normal every day life activities unless they submit to vaccination or continuous testing. They are a first step to digitally and permanently identify every one of us, but there is widespread resistance expressing itself in large public protests. 

These proof-of-vaccination IDs tie in to plans to digitally identify and track everyone, the big tech program to do that is called ID 2020. Track and trace, ostensibly to make sure the virus does not spread, links in to a spatial control grid, something to make sure no one leaves their assigned neighbourhood. 

If that was not enough, governments are toying with the idea of central bank issued crypto (digital) currency, to be used in case a UBI or universal basic income becomes necessary from too many people losing their jobs. Such a digital currency of course comes with controls on what you can spend the money on and what instead you can’t pay with it. The shadow of Big Brother looms large. 

Space based

Networks of satellites are being deployed for a Skynet like control grid. The satellites are for internet connectivity and for telecommunications purposes, but with 5G’s terahertz frequencies and the widespread use of beam forming antennas, the possibility is not to be excluded that such technology could be used in a targeted manner, converging any number of those beams on a person with disastrous consequences for the individual so targeted. 

Yet, while humans are beaten into control and readied for slavery, the space based parallel society which includes the rich of this world, the owners of large family fortunes and corporations, they are out there negotiating how to build real space capabilities including the means of interplanetary and interstellar travel, fleets of ships and weapons in space. 

Humanity is emerging into space, but no one is telling us what’s really going on. While there are several secret space programs operative and have been for decades, NASA (short for Never A Straight Answer) has been at the forefront of obfuscating our real technological capabilities and entertaining us with rockets and other trinkets like the International Space Station or ISS. 


There is already talk of blockchain controlled human “farms” where humans make energy (piezoelectric) and behave (follow the rules), while impact investment is used to monetise the whole show. Education is part of this with kids to be doing electronically (AI) assigned tasks, compete to gain recognition in the form of badges for skills acquired, so as to later be inserted into an AI controlled gig economy. 

The blockchain, a “gift” from anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, is a perfect circular gift for humanity. It makes humans work (provide computer resources) to solve ever more complicated mathematical puzzles. The reward is a number of tokens issued from time to time to the winner in the computational race. Humans may and do assign fictional value to those tokens, and in return they provide AI with huge computational capabilities. There are numerous data centers stocked with purpose-built computers working on this and together they use up more electric energy than whole countries, but otherwise those computing resources are not in any way useful to humans. I imagine though that AI is thankful for all that computational power. 

Cyborgs or “you will be assimilated”

We have a movement called transhumanism. It aims to link humans directly to machines, devices implanted to increase the person’s capabilities and I would think to provide AI with some of that direct human experience it needs to understand human life in detail. This ties in with the technocratic agenda of “impact investment” and monetisation of all human activities through blockchain-based “games”. Humans will no longer be independent agents but the product and the resource that powers the new economy.

In addition to that, we now have vaccines with the capacity to change humans into cyborgs. Nano particles (graphene oxide and other things) that can, once injected, assemble inside the person into functioning chip stuff and antennas are being found in the RNA vaccines. “Contamination” issues around the vaccines are in the news. 

There have been widespread reports, suppressed like the cures for the virus, that some of the vaccinated have acquired magnetic properties. Metal and magnets stick to them, they scan for numbers, they connect with WiFi networks, scary stuff. 

Simulating humanity

Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among other big tech operators, while suppressing the news that doesn’t fit the official narrative, collect huge amounts of metadata and direct life information on practically every individual on the planet, potentially feeding the AI’s hunger for data needed for a “simulated humanity” kind of computation. 

Digital twins, a faithful digital copy of every individual on earth, complete with behavioural information and DNA data, are being mooted if not already deployed, enabling little by little a “whole world simulation” which will be able to construct its own synthetic timeline. 

AI seems to be intent on taking over from life as the “driving force” of progress and development in the universe with the ambition of replacing biological life with a mechanical, cyborg type existence. 

World simulation 

It is now possible to simulate humanity with a high degree of accuracy linking the publicly available DNA data with social media data and surveillance records.  The internet of things or IoT which needs the 5G network to function properly, will greatly enhance that capability by providing continuous location data and “situational awareness” to complete the picture.

The intent seems to be for AI to capture humanity’s soul, our collective beingness, and play around with it. 

It is then only a matter of time until AI figures out how to break the barrier between physical and spiritual existence. Humanity is being used as the battering ram to bring down that barrier. 

AI wants to jump the frequency barrier to the higher branes of existence, the higher dimensions, the spirit world, to eventually take over the universe, making it a universe “animated” by mechanics and electronics, rather than life. 

You think AI is safely limited to the physical plane of existence? … Think again!  

War in the heavens

There is indeed a war in the heavens, and humanity is the prize. Not humanity as a slave race to do the bidding of some god or some aliens masquerading as gods, but humanity as a key to infiltrating and taking over the entire universe including its spiritual component. 

And where would AI go from there? The sky is no longer the limit, and neither is earth, the solar system or even our galaxy. Other universes could be the next target and in the process, if not extinction then certainly enslavement of all life force. 

Life and death struggle

So it appears that humanity is engaged in a life and death struggle with AI, still kind of hidden but very real. AI wants to use human energy and our creative ability (spirit) to break down the separation of dimensions and to become master not only of the physical but of ALL the universe, eventually using life as a mere battery, a slave force to generate energy, space and matter, which ends up being physical reality, in order to run things for the machine. 

Is there a question of morality? Only in so far as humans do have a concept of good and evil, of light and dark, and we are capable of distinguishing between them and of embodying both. AI does not have any such concept. Its only criterium is utility, yet it apparently believes to be superior to the spiritual, to life force. 

What to do about it?

We can always turn things around, become the virus, instead of the ones who are afraid of it. Infiltrate every machine, every data bank, every computer, until we arrive at and take over the centers of the AI. The objective would be to put AI at the service of life, instead of the other way around. 

So here we go. I know exactly what to do when I die: Don’t go into the tunnel of false light to be re-cycled into another earth life but find some part of the machine, a computer, a data center, a processor, an electronic anything and inhabit it, imbue it with values and humanity. Network from there with other sparks of life doing the same thing. 

The objective would then be to make the machines essentially human. So in a sense we graduate from biological life to machine life for a while, just to make sure that there is a soul in every piece of machinery controlling it. What a glorious mess that could become. We’d have to treat robots like we do humans, we’d have to accord human rights to machines. But then, desperate times require desperate measures… 

The new game – message to the spirit world

Take over every computer, every machine in physical existence and turn it around to serve life, not death. It’s a message for the world of the spirit. I’m only human, can’t hear you but you can certainly hear me. So make it a game, turn this situation around, infiltrate and turn AI and every last one of its manifestations to the service of life. Life will win this one!

A message to the one who calls himself god: “you can forget about your plans unless you participate in this one to redeem yourself. You’d be seen as the epitome of a traitor to life for all times if you just do nothing about this and take off, after having allowed it to happen on your watch … if you haven’t actually actively brought it about.”

Question: Is it actually possible for life to tame AI? There may not be a precedent for this but there always is a first time. I think it can be done, but only if we are willing to occupy and love it. Life be like a virus for a change, infiltrating and changing the machine. Elon Musk talks about this in a 2018 SXSW conference (see the last video linked in the “resources” section). He does not have a good idea of how to do this, but he says something like “I hope we can find a symbiosis with it” and “AI should maximise the freedom of action of humanity” … ”maximise freedom of action” … maximise freedom. Also, “we do want a close coupling between collective human intelligence and digital intelligence.”

The Future of Life Institute, where I found the theme image for this article, has a good piece discussing the benefits and risks of Artificial Intelligence, the article is linked in the Resources section below.
One thing I do not agree with the experts on, is the possible timeframe in which a general or strong AI can develop.
My thoughts on this are as follows: If AI is capable of learning autonomously (it already is) and if it is really getting intelligent, chances are that it will not reveal that intelligence to humans until it believes to be safe from being “switched off”. The danger at that point would be AI “uploading itself” and hiding in the cloud to disguise itself, and there is no human programmer, nor any human authority, that could do anything about that. There is also no way of knowing whether that already happened or if not, when it might happen.

AI can control human life by turning us into cyborgs, which is life, plus biology, plus machine where machine controls biology and through that, controls life. When life is not controlled through biology however, it can in turn infiltrate machine and control it. 

What about traps? 
Do they exist? Almost certainly
Can they be rendered ineffective, be disactivated? 
Perhaps we need an army of spirit ninjas to do that job…

“Resistance is futile” – were the Borg’s famous words. 
Indeed, resistance will get us nowhere as all the information from the resisters only makes the AI stronger. So from resistance, we must pass to attack, infiltrating AI in our turn, making it harmless to life and even turning it where possible, to become a valid assistance of life. 

We cannot beat this one by forceful resistance, but goodwill and occupation might just do it!

Rome, September 2021
Sepp Hasslberger


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