Are We Starseeds?

If you’re in for something serious, watch this video but let me give you fair warning. It is a very deep rabbit hole… actually I would say it might be the mother of all rabbit holes. But there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel.

The situation is rather serious and we are still far away from a solution. In as few words as I can say it – the Sun appears to be due to embark on an energetic downturn. Its energy potential as measured by solar wind and sunspots is weakening. It appears that we can expect an ice age, perhaps in as little as 20 or 30 years… maybe 50. This might seem relatively far away for most, but it could happen in our lifetimes. The video I linked here has all the data. It talks about the historical record of the sun’s activity and the indicators that something may be amiss. What then follows further down in the article is my own speculation…

The video presentation is slow and long but more than interesting. Only watch it when you have some time. Rolf Witzsche lays out the sun’s long term cycles and correlates them with the historical record we have on ice ages. He then goes on to explain how we may be on the cusp of another long cold period, an ice age.

Solar activity declining

Right now, meaning within the next few decades, our sun is expected to enter a phase of serious decline in energetic activity. The consequences for humanity are potentially catastrophic.

Unless we can figure out a way – within the next 20 to 30 years – of somehow sustaining or energizing the sun, we might as well prepare for life in the equatorial regions. Ultimately the ice age will not leave much of today’s higher life on the surface.

And yes, this IS something that can happen in our current lifetime…

Life energy sustains life energy

I am assuming that as a given. There is energetic exchange between us and our planet. There is energetic exchange between the planet and the sun.

Birkeland currents are energetic (electric) connections between stars that have been observed by astronomers. Galaxies are aligned with those currents to form an energetic network, where each galaxy acts as a node, both receiving and emitting energy. Stars and planets are similarly connected. For a visual, go to the image at the top of the page.

Let’s assume those birkeland currents are the expression of life energy, the thing that started it all. The universe becomes a community of living stars and galaxies, but not only that. The electrically connecting network extends to our solar system with all its planets. It might, with some probability, extend right down to all life forms on earth.

Starseeds in an electric universe?

Planets are sustained by the energy of their star and in turn, they either feed or draw down some of that life energy in the network. But why stop there? Life develops on those planets and the life of humans and animals, if not fully and joyfully lived, could well be a drawdown on the life energy of our earthly planet – Gaia. If that life energy is wasted in warfare, games and mass slaughter, there will be little positive feedback. Consequently the earth’s energy diminishes, which in turn may affect the sun’s energy. As a matter of face, we are overdue for a downward energy fluctuation of the sun.

Now if we could figure out a way to remove the heavy drain the earth’s population has become in terms of energy…

Earth is populated by more than 7 billion humans, many of us essentially useless in energetic terms. We are engaged in warfare, aspiring to some techno-utopia, passing the time with entertainment and games, or toiling to survive. There is also a population of billions of animals, many of which we keep in horrendous conditions, only to slaughter them. They are not allowed to live their life span and are treated with absolutely no understanding. On the other hand, we decimate the populations of what we call “wild” animals out there. Talk about a drain on life energy!

Can we boost it?

Would it be possible to turn that drain of energy into an energy boost? Could we somehow arrange our society in a way that we lived joyful lives, contributing rather than drawing energy? If we could, we might, just might, have a chance. It would be good not to go down in a big freeze this time. Many other cosmic civilization experiments before us have met that fate.

Just as a curiosity. Did you know that the hearts of all creatures have a certain number of total beats they will beat in a lifetime? Each animal lives the time measured in heartbeats. So do we humans apparently. The total varies from species to species … and it’s quite approximate, so there’s also room for differences!

How Many Heartbeats Does Each Species Get in a Lifetime?

And it is of course the heart that is our personal “power center”. It has measurable energetic pulsations. There is a whole study group on that – the Heartmath Institute.

Gregg Braden makes the point about the energetic strength of our hearts in this video…



Might it be time to make peace among ourselves and start living our lives with joy and abandon?

Never mind about racial differences or cultures that may seem incompatible. Or about politics taking our own personal power away from us. Or the widely televised games that divide us into opposing camps.

This really is not about fighting each other. We have a planet that could be a wonderful place to live. We have other planets and stars out there, waiting to be explored.

All we need to do is get together and pull in the same direction.

What are we waiting for?

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