Best Flu Remedy and general body cleanout

If you have the flu or feel a bit ‘under the weather’, this one is for you!

Actually, the flu is an effort your body makes to get rid of accumulated toxins and sometimes, dust or some other kind of pollution you have been breathing in. The flu shot does nothing for you except prevent the body from doing its normal spring cleaning. Here is a wonderful remedy, recommended by a friend and adapted to local conditions, that I have found to be very helpful.


  • some slices of ginger root
  • a stick of cinnamon bark
  • three or four cloves
  • some good spring water
  • juice from half a bitter lime (here it’s called ‘lima azeda’) or a lemon
  • a teaspoon of local honey

Prepare the drink by squeezing the juice of half of a lime (you can also use lemon) into a mug. Add a teaspoon of good local honey (or as close as you can get), cut some slices of ginger root. Heat the ginger root, the cinnamon and the cloves with about a liter of water to a boil, add the liquid to to the lemon juice and honey in your mug, stir and you’re ready to go. Careful, you might have to wait a moment for the drink to cool down a bit.

I have been using this remedy for the past year or two now and it helped me tremendously get over some rough patches in my life. I’m sipping some of it right now…


After this remedy had been available on line for a few months, someone suggested to add a stick of cinnamon bark and three or four cloves to the basic ginger and lemon recipe, to be boiled together with the ginger. It makes the drink taste better and some say the spices add curative power.

I have never felt better and perhaps this drink has something to do with that.

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