I looked at the world the other day … here is what I found

This was first published in January 2017 as a note on facebook.
To friends and family – here is something I wrote the other day and it is time I got it off my chest …

“Communication is the universal solvent … Love is the glue”

I wanted to tell you all that in the near future I should be out and around in the world, traveling, visiting, doing what I can to unify those who care to travel this new path with me. Details are not really in focus yet, but in general terms, I will be doing what I can to help bring together all the different streams of Life on our wonderful blue planet, so together they might in time form a majestic river…

But first things first – let’s look at the situation we are finding ourselves in.

The current situation on Mother Earth looks rather glum

Access to resources is reserved to a few, wars are waged for profit and for domination, religious and racial hatred is at an all time high, poverty is completely unnecessary … yet it persists, destruction of our natural environment is the order of the day, entire species are on the verge of going extinct, including our own, if we persist down the path we are currently taking … anyway, whatever bad thing you can think of – you name it … it’s happening here! Our problems don’t seem to resolve … actually, they are getting worse and worse as time goes by.

Why is this?

In my view, the destructive trends we witness are carefully calculated and planned.

The objective, it would seem, is to subjugate and eventually wipe out all thinking, free life on earth and for that matter, in the universe.

It might even be that right here, right now, we are living in a place that could be the last bastion of resistance of real life in this whole universe…

Who or what would be pushing such an anti-life agenda?

Let’s just say that the perpetrator I identified when looking more closely and putting it all together is digital. It is synthetic “life” … we call it “artificial intelligence” … which really is a force of death, directly opposed to and intent on wiping out real free Life – human and otherwise – in all its various forms and manifestations.

You might ask: Do we have a chance against such a formidable enemy, such a comprehensive onslaught?

The answer is Yes! – There is one thing digital non-life does not have and cannot ever comprehend.

Love will do it

That thing, that positive force, is Love…

Only real, living beings can have and express love and even for us, it is sometimes very difficult … but Love is definitely a force that can oppose the destruction of life.

We can do it together… if we all pull on the same string – “good” life as well as “bad” life … on one condition:

The fight – if there must be one – must no longer be between “good” and “evil”, it will be between life, in all its various manifestations, good or bad, and death in the form of digital “non-life”.

We will find and work out the tools to use, but definitely, to start with, we need a person-to-person, life-respecting network, something that is already being formed by many people all around the globe.

Anyway, I think for now we should all just have a party!


Actually, if we really look at it, our resources are plentiful.

There will be time to list them all and coordinate… that is something to be left for later. We will have to use technology smartly to break the stranglehold on life by that life threatening non-life “intelligence”. Anyway, first, we should have that party!

Then, we should all get together, bring everyone’s concerns to the table, and work out a proper solution. This includes indigenous tribes in every corner of the planet, and it will have to include everyone, the good, the evil, the powerful, the meek…

It is a great task to be sure, but I do believe that with the help of everyone, it can be done!

How did you arrive at this conclusion?

… you might ask.

The answer: simply by looking and making up my own mind. I do not have any hidden sources of information. Everything I examined is right out there, in the public domain… not necessarily easy to find, but if I could do it, you could as well.

Some of the data, the things that I examined and that have led me to come to this conclusion are listed here below … in no particular order of importance.

The economy

Our current monetary and economic system promotes not only a very unequal distribution of resources and power, it keeps most of us in precarious circumstances, unable to “make ends meet” let alone take any effective action to remedy the situation.


Our technical knowledge and its applications have been at a virtual standstill for roughly a century. Cars still have four wheels and motors that burn fuel. We need ever more streets to drive on, paving over huge parts of the natural environment with tar and cement. By rights we should be flying … yet we are all still driving around on the surface. We went to the moon in the 1960s but then all progress seems to have fizzled out. Space travel for everyone seems still way off in the future. I could list more examples, but you get the idea.

What we have are only incremental improvements of what we already had a long time ago. We seem to be at a virtual standstill as far as real technological renewal, available to the people, is concerned.


We do have technological progress in communications, but we are using a highly destructive and generally unhealthy, digitalised wave form to communicate with each other. Microwaves are dominating the airwaves. They are practically cooking all life on planet earth … slowly but surely. In the 1960s and 70s lots of trees were dying, and it turned out they were in the vicinity of powerful radar installations or were touched by the beams of TV repeater antennas. More recently, the bees have started to vanish from their hives, disoriented by cell phone towers. Birds are not immune either. They fly into those beams and come crashing down to the ground…


Real health is based on the food we eat, first and foremost. Food has been corrupted by genetic modification and poisoned by toxic chemicals that are routinely applied to crops. The result is widespread sickness.

And in turn, a whole industry has grown up on this planet to deal with sickness … they sell us vaccines and drugs with horrendous “side effects” – killing hundreds of millions of human beings every year. The pharmaceutical industry has become one of the most profitable enterprises, their profits are measured in tens of billions of dollars each, yet all they do is further destroy our health. Pharmaceuticals are putting us to death rather than “saving lives”… face it.

A branch of this ‘death industry’ is psychiatry. Anyone’s behaviour that does not fit the pre-established pattern of this sick society is considered an illness and is labeled. The manual is called the DSM or ‘diagnostic and statistical manual’. Our sanity has become a statistic. Treatments of ’strange’ ideas include electric shock applied to the brain of the hapless victim, drugs that turn human beings into living zombies and – if considered necessary by those in control – life long internment in an institution, a holding cell for the clinically “insane”.

Sexual perversion

Sex, which is a beautiful driving force of love, has been perverted wholesale. Government figures and others in places of power have been seduced, perverted with satanic rituals and are controlled by blackmail. Many of our children are being abused and often abducted from their parents. Often, they are killed in child sex slavery rings and satanic rituals of the utmost perversion. Details of this are coming to the surface right now. Pizzagate may only be the tip of the iceberg…


Apart from the pollution of the ethers by microwaves, the very atmosphere of this planet is being made unliveable, polluted by our stupid insistence on burning carbon-based fuels. Yet carbon is a molecule of life. Carbon dioxide, let me remind you, is what allows plants to grow. Human and animal life is based on carbon and oxygen.

(Sunlight + CO2 = carbon-based plant mass + oxygen)

We dig up uranium and use the heat it emits to drive … of all things … steam turbines and generators to “produce electricity”. The result has been pollution of large swaths of land around Chernobyl and other atomic power plants with radioactive elements, as well as pollution of the waters … witness the Pacific Ocean, where radioactive elements have been released and still are at this writing, from the destroyed and leaking Fukushima reactor complex in Japan. This has made a good part of the Pacific Ocean almost unliveable for many forms of aquatic life.

Scared of “global warming”, governments have agreed to a program to limit the incidence of the sun’s heating and healing rays … by spraying toxic garbage into the earth’s atmosphere. Far from being useful, this has resulted in the air around us being polluted to a point of – almost – no return. Part of that pollution is infecting humans and animals with fibers that crawl under the skin … a form of alien “life” that is mineral, rather than carbon based.

Sound pollution in the cities is a problem. In the seas, extremely powerful sonars are driving our friends the whales and dolphins right out of the water. Those sonars are leading to mass beachings of our marine friends. They throw themselves at beaches just to escape the hell we have made their watery element become.

Plastic is polluting both the land and the oceans … bringing death to sea birds, turtles and fish alike.


What we call the “public media” has been co-opted to play the game of disinformation, rather than telling us what is really happening. The vast majority of media outlets are owned and controlled by a small clique of super rich media moguls. Anything they report is tightly controlled. Even the events they report on are often manufactured, play-acted and then reported as real disasters. Just look at mass shootings, beheadings by “islamic fundamentalists” or, for that matter, the collapse of three steel and concrete buildings in New York on that ill-fated day in September 2001…

“Fake news” is the trademark of the mainstream press, rather than the sin of a few websites that seek to look behind what’s passed off as “the news” and inform us with real data.

Spiritual knowledge

Religions – pretty much without exception – promote the concept of “faith”, rather than real spiritual knowledge and enlightenment based on personal experience.

The Church of Rome, for example, has taken over and perverted the original message of Christ. It happened some 3oo years after Christ was nailed to the cross. The Roman powers of the day decided to make Christianity the religion of State. The Popes since then have – without exception – decided to exclude women from any active role in the Church. And if that wasn’t enough, the Church has made every Christian feel guilty by introducing, some time in the Middle Ages, the concept of “original sin”… something for which we are all supposed to feel bad about and atone.

Taoism’s symbol of love (yin and yang intertwined and interpenetrating) has been replaced by the cross, a symbol of death, all decorated up with a body nailed up on those rafters and left to die.

All organised religions, especially those of the Western Judeo-Christian tradition, including Islam, have been co-opted as control systems. they were put in place to keep us in eternal fear, to prevent us from realising our full spiritual potential.

The division, artfully played, between Christianity and Islam serves to promote and justify “terrorism” and endless wars.

Digital vs. analog

While analog, the gentle wave, is life supporting, the digital is destructive of life.

Some stars have been discovered recently, that appear to have inexplicably large artificial structures, called Dyson spheres, around them, indicating that our solar system and planet Earth in particular might not be the only place where this digital takeover is happening.

Here on planet earth, analog (light based) tech, such as colours for therapy, infrared from the sun, fire for heat, and laser based technologies have been heavily suppressed. They have all but been replaced by digital, microwave based technologies. We got microwave ovens instead of the gentle infrared of fire, to heat our food, we have electric heating instead of the old wood stove and the fireplace, and we have a world wide web of microwave towers and satellites circling the planet in a tight net, running our mobile phones, our television, and the internet.

History and time travel

Moving backwards and forwards in time is said to be impossible and any such thing is relegated to the realm of science fiction. Yet the technology has been available to governments and corporations for decades – at least since the 1960s – and it is being actively used to change the course of events. Remote viewing and actual physical time travel are the tools. History has been changed more than once by carefully targeted interventions in the past. Plans are being laid for the future … where we as humanity should end up. This is done by taking a look at probable futures and then intervening in the past, seeking to control the outcome by intervening to change significant events.

Apparently, history has been re-written several times. Any time when actual geological fossil records are found that do not fit the current story, they are kept secret and the evidence is often destroyed. This kind of manipulation is not new. It has been going on for a looooong time, possibly for millions of years, with civilisation after civilisation on this planet destroyed, each time followed by an “ice age” that wiped out humanity and most of the physical traces, often leaving only few survivors to try and start anew.

Life in the universe

We are being told that humanity is alone, that we are perhaps the only intelligent life in this whole universe. Government sponsored programs like SETI ostensibly are looking for signs of life out there, when in reality there are an untold number of advanced civilisations out in space, only waiting for us to get our heads out of our asses and stop being the barbarians we are. They do not intervene, apart from a few exceptions that have given us the “UFO phenomenon” to puzzle over.

All the while, our governments have had “black project” advanced space programs, traveling the solar system and pretending to speak for humanity. NASA and other space organisations are part of the problem, not the solution. It is time we woke up to the fact that humanity is by no means alone. Isolated perhaps, but not alone!

In Cosmology, which is our attempt to explain the universe, electricity and plasma has been all but absent, while gravity was promoted as the only force out there among the stars and galaxies. The start of it all is said to have been a “Big Bang”.  Albert Einstein’s space-time continuum is the guiding light of physics and cosmology today, while the works of Nikola Tesla have been all but forgotten.

Attempts to save the day

Throughout the last few thousand years of human history there have been several attempts by enlightened figures to overcome the divisions of good/evil, of male/female and generally all the dichotomies that have been set up to form our human culture. You know their names. Religions have been founded upon the work and lives of those enlightened beings but more often than not, the original intention behind the words has been completely lost.

Words are a very imperfect means of communication…

I believe that my current life here may be only the latest one in a series of attempts to bring humanity back to its original purpose. While I do not know what exactly that purpose is or what will happen to this attempt, I promise to be open with you and to make this a “let’s do it together” type of affair. We can either do it together or not at all. If I can, I will stay around to see this through to completion.

I do not claim to know or to be able to explain who arranged for me to live this particular life, but I have always felt that I must have an important mission in this lifetime. I came into this world as a human, completely normal, with no memory, nor any special knowledge at all. Everything I know today, I figured out by going through life, observing, in a very normal human five senses way, what is happening around me. So in that sense I am not different from any of you here.

While I now know more about what the mission is to be, as explained in this piece of writing, I by no means have the whole picture yet. That means I will continue to be curious about everything, and it also means that I will need to develop other abilities outside of the very restricted range of human senses.

I am asking for your help in my attempt to figure it all out … and to do the right things in the order that they need to be done.

Thank you all my friends for being here with me!

And thank you especially my Love (you-know-who-you-are) because without your dedication and love for me and mine for you, I could never have arrived at this point…

So where to go from here…

It is quite obvious that an anti-life agenda is being pursued all over this planet. This may be a critical time if our purpose is to support life and bring defeat to the death-bringing force.

The only way I see to do this is to end our internal squabbles. Life – and by that I mean all life on this planet – must join forces to do that. We will have to overcome our divisions for good. Nothing but a joint effort by all life-affirming forces will do.

The time of division is over. Race, creed, good, evil, political views, sex, all the ideas that have divided us for so long are becoming irrelevant.

We can do this together – all of us – and we must!

Love will join us … it is the one thing that can unite.

The tool to use in this effort is a new kind of society that is based on good will for all, a real person-to-person effort open to all, in the direction of affirming life and negating the power of the digital foe.

Our resources are far greater than most of us may think. We have, assembled on this planet, the best of the best, the crème de la creme of universe.

Our goal: A free universe of life

The immediate purpose is to liberate universe from the encroaching digital, the “artificial intelligence” that has taken over much of space already.

We will have to use life-affirming technology smartly to beat death bringing technology everywhere. In other words, we need to choose carefully which technology to support and which to eliminate.

It will be a great movement – full of fun and games – starting here and ready to spread the message to the far corners of universe.

We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for

I hesitate to go into too much detail at this time, because creation of this new world will have to be co-creation.

Everyone willing to travel the path must be included and all the diverse views must be heard.

Much is already happening. Tribes of indigenous peoples all over the world are waking up. From Standing Rock to Rojava, from Mexico to Palestine, from the far North to the Antarctic, people are already uniting in a spirit of cooperation, engaged in defeating those who would have us spend our lives as their slaves.

All those budding trends and movements must be strengthened and joined together.

Heaven on Earth?

We shall see … perhaps that old expression would not be an exaggeration for what is already emerging.

Let’s do it together!

I bet it will be not only hard work but also great fun!



Let’s call this one version 1.0

There may be updates as the last part gets fleshed out, with contributions from others…


Anyone may save a copy of this and you may also re-publish it in its entirety. You do not have my permission to derive different versions of any kind, to quote parts of this in your own work, except as a pointer to the original work, or to monetise this work in any form. It is my gift to you and it should remain free.

In the original I reserved the right to check translations, but I no longer believe that is necessary.

See also this later article with some ideas on where I think we should be going from here…

What does the future hold in store for humanity?

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