Misinformation, disinformation and outright lies

When information no longer freely flows, collective consciousness becomes insane.” 

There is an information war in progress. Humanity and its understanding of the world are the target. 

Now when I say information war, I mean it. There are serious distortions of reality, the world we perceive, and that war is being fought by an absolute genius. The mechanism employed is very simple. Certain versions of the facts are tagged as “misinformation”, a new term that has only recently been introduced, a very efficient weapon of war it is, too. 

In reality however, there is no such thing as misinformation. There is information (facts and opinions) and there is “disinformation”, lies which are deliberately spread to obfuscate, misdirect, confuse. Disinformation is the province of governments and their intelligence agencies. Disinformation runs into trouble when there is transparency. Once disinformation is exposed as the lie it is, it loses all its power, and the source of such information is no longer trusted, making future disinformation campaigns ever more difficult. 

Enter censorship

In the age of the internet, information travels fast. Transparency has acquired lightning speed. So the problem was: what to do about disinformation losing its power because of being exposed as soon as it appeared? Simple solution: name it! Call the exposure of disinformation “misinformation” implying that it is a lie just like the original disinformation. Now with censorship justified, it becomes a question of who controls the means of communication. Clearly, we the people are at a disadvantage here. 

Once the exposure of disinformation is labeled “misinformation”, we have a justification to try and eliminate it altogether. Censor anyone who attempts to expose disinformation with facts. Those facts are now “misinformation” and therefore must not be spread. 

Politically correct? 

This has been in preparation for a while with information and ideas divided into “politically correct” and its opposite, which would be politically incorrect or not acceptable. Certain words you are not to say, certain concepts you are not supposed to contradict. 

I remember wondering why the question of global warming or “climate change” as it has come to be called, was such a no-no to bring up. Perhaps that’s where it all started. There are formidable arguments both for and against the concept that humans, by their industrial activity, and specifically by their burning of hydrocarbon fuels for energy, are causing or at least are contributing to what has been called the “greenhouse effect”, i.e. the trapping of heat by atmospheric gases, leading to a change of climate, to a warming of the earth environment, but we are only supposed to talk about one side of that argument, the other is banned, it is termed “misinformation”. 

Climate data from ice cores - 3500 years

It is perhaps significant in this context to note that the two major concepts that have been protected from being questioned using the “misinformation” label are the recent “pandemic” and the question of global warming/climate change. 

Perhaps we should add a third one here, the concept that elections could be rigged to obtain a certain outcome. Now that goes directly to the heart of what we consider the bedrock of democratic society. The story of how electronic voting machines may have been hacked, deleting unwanted blocks of votes or even reversing them to another candidate and how through other shenanigans such as selective double and triple vote counting election results may have lost their basis in fact … no, that story you can’t talk about either. 

People were and still are being censored in social networks run by big tech and in the media controlled by a few heavy hitting investors for merely talking about and questioning those non-approved concepts. 

One could almost say “my misinformation is politically more correct than your misinformation”. 

And to top it all off, it seems that in war both sides now censor any information coming out of the “other” side. How are we ever going to make up our mind in an information climate like this?

Slavery in the Information Age 

Now the question is … where does all of this lead us? 
I’d say we are going straight into self-imposed slavery.

If we accept the idea that there is information that is “approved” and therefore true, and information that does not get the stamp of approval and must therefore be censored, must not be brought to light, we have the beginning of an insane society, one where slavery is the same as freedom, a society that no longer thinks in terms of information, weighing what may be true and what may not be. 

We have imposed concepts, limited concepts that may not be opposed because they are declared to be official truth, which means we have whole areas of life that are no longer critically examined, the very definition of insanity. 

Now there are other important questions to ask. 

  • Who or what determines the broad areas of life and information that must never enter the minds of people and therefore the consciousness of society?
  • Where does this eventually lead us?
  • And finally, is there a way to escape, a way to bring full transparency and therefore sanity back into the public discourse? 

I do have a suspicion as to the who, and it is not a human, not even a group of humans conspiring against the rest of us, as much as some of us would find comfort in that belief. The definitive answer to the question of ‘whodunnit’ may have to wait for more information to become available, but for now let’s just say we are looking for something non-human or super-human, hidden as it were behind a curtain … of disinformation. 

Where will we end up if this goes unchecked? I am afraid we can only slip into slavery. We will be doing the bidding of who or what slants the information landscape, we’ll be the worker bees, the ants, the cyborgs in a hive … no longer allowed to have an independent thought of our own. 

To escape that destination, we will have to take back our information sovereignty. We will, in other words, have to restore communication among ourselves, without any “politically correct” or “misinformation” caveats. 

Information is information. Ideas are ideas. All information is welcome, all ideas are welcome. Let the differences be sorted out by each and every one of us, examining, deciding, and in turn communicating (or not) our conclusion. 

Sanity depends very much on the ability to correctly assess information and to act accordingly. 

This is true for both individuals and for society. 

Sanity can only be achieved when all information is available to be assessed, without any imposition from the outside, be that by the media, government, or some non-human entity hidden from our view. 

Sepp Hasslberger
Terceira island
April 2022

For most of my readers, it will be clear that censorship is actually happening and that it is a worrying trend that we should work to reverse, but anyway, here are a few links…

I created and administered a group on facebook called “Radical Transparency” but unfortunately much of the information correcting the “official” version on the pandemic and vaccines is labeled “misinformation”. So the group (1200 members) ran into censorship and was canceled without a word from Facebook.
Radical Transparency (a much smaller version) can now be found on the MeWe network.

“Radical Transparency” Facebook group suspended (later canceled) and personal account restricted… Like this, thousands of facebook groups have gone missing and the reports about the fact aren’t even in search results any more. Just vanished into thin air – pooof.

Facebook says it has taken down 7 million posts for spreading coronavirus misinformation
The company also labeled 98 million posts with warning notices about coronavirus misinformation between April and June

Millions of posts on coronavirus removed is just the tip of the iceberg. How many others have been canceled, how much information have we lost because of Big Tech censorship?

YouTube has removed more than 30,000 misleading Covid-19 vaccination videos in the past five months, it said.
A YouTube spokeswoman said the videos contradicted vaccine information from the World Health Organization (WHO) or health authorities such as the NHS.
In October, it banned vaccine misinformation in a bid to clamp down on attempts to discredit the jabs.
It added that in the past year, it had removed more than 800,000 videos for coronavirus misinformation.

A rights group representing three people who had their Twitter accounts banned and suspended over tweets that were critical of COVID policies has sued the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Surgeon General, and Secretary of HHS, with the lawsuit alleging that the Biden administration’s persistent calls for tech platforms to censor COVID-19 “misinformation” violated the First Amendment.
The bill is the “brainchild” of Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault, who back in 2020 served as Minister of Canadian Heritage, when he said that once the bill becomes law, a new regulator will be appointed to make sure it is implemented, and “hate speech monitored.”
“I received no inquiry or notice from YouTube. I vanished. In totalitarian systems you exist, then you don’t,” writes Hedges.
Most of the censorship requirements in the badly-written Online Safety Bill are based on the term “harm.” Not only is this term already vague but the bill ambiguously extends beyond the idea of physical harm to the realm of what it calls “psychological” harm.
Instagram and TikTok censor comedian Alex Stein
everal clips of podcaster and comedian Alex Stein’s appearance on Infowars founder Alex Jones’s show have been purged by Instagram and TikTok.
Instagram removed a clip of Stein telling Jones that his mom was diagnosed with COVID and died after she was given the antiviral medication Remdesivir.
Instagram branded this clip “harmful false information.”

The fall of the evil empire

Image credit: Empire Earth - Wallpaper

Is the great American Empire about to fall?

(Image credit: Empire Earth – Wallpaper)

If it looks like an empire, if it acts like an empire, it probably is one. Is the great American Empire about to experience a catastrophic failure?

So at first you thought I was about to describe what is happening to Russia? No, I am talking about that other empire, the technological one, the one that spends more on weapons of destruction than most of the rest of the world combined. The empire is the country that somehow believes it has a very special, an exceptional status among nations, so special that it has to “export democracy” to other countries by force of arms. 

How could it be, I hear from Americans, that you describe our wonderful country as an evil empire? Well, America, and specifically the United States, suffers no equal. For instance we must all use the dollar in international commerce, and woe to any country that desires financial independence from the empire’s bankers. They are bunched up in the naughty corner, as an “axis of evil”, to be told a lesson. 

Message of Red Star Belgrade supporters to empire, at a recent match (March 2022)

Ostensibly built on “christian” values, empire does not tolerate competing ideologies, but it is those very same christian values that led to and justified empire’s original sin. European outcasts and adventurers invaded a then well populated continent, and they purposely and systematically exterminated those they found. The indigenous population, overwhelmed as they were by the superior firepower of empire’s weapons that had been developed and refined in war-torn Europe could not offer serious resistance. 

That genocide, the extermination of the indigenous peoples of America was “justified” by christian missionaries and priests of the Church of Rome who came with the conquerors. The religious men were feeding the idea that some lives were of value and others were not. The ones could be killed without mercy as they were “savages”, the others could do the killing without fearing sin because they were civilised and devout. That is how it all started. 

Mass Grave at Wounded Knee / Wikimedia Commons

The idea of an “exceptional” country came into being largely to cover up, to justify after the fact, that original sin of genocide. If we want to reason in religious terms, we certainly are not looking at “God’s nation” here. Since the rise of the nation was based on violence, on genocide, and since there is no acknowledgement of or remorse over that violence, the nation’s eventual decline seems to be predestined. 

How is it going to happen? No one knows, but there are indications that hubris is leading those in control of the empire’s politics in a dangerous direction: 

– To work for a global re-set that will subject both individual lives and nations to the dictates of technocrats, and that a major part of the world’s population does not want, is definitely a mistake.

– To use the world’s productive capabilities to sustain secret and violent activities in space and then to hide both those activities and their financing from earth humans … also a mistake. 

– To allow the kidnapping and enslavement of earth’s children for the pleasure of degenerates and for feeding the wars in space with troops, a serious mistake, just wait until the mothers find out. 

– To sell humans as slaves to aliens is a grave mistake as well. It shows those other civilizations out there what kind of barbarians we humans really are.

– And finally, to challenge a major land-based power, the Russian Federation, to threaten it with annihilation through NATO’s weapons at its doorsteps, that may turn out to be the mother of all mistakes. 

Hubris means you don’t care about those mistakes, after all, “God’s nation” can do no wrong. Well, I got news for you my American friends. You either rein in your government, and that includes cleaning out the “Deep State” or you will face the consequences. There is serious danger in being a citizen of a declining empire that no one wants around any longer. 

Sepp Hasslberger
Terceira island, March ‘22

A few links that come to mind…

Image credit: Empire Earth – Wallpaper

Spending more on weapons…

Axis of evil countries …

Genocide … not a pretty story

American exceptionalism has been historically referred to as the belief…

The Great Reset
“Both Republicans and Democrats pledged billions of dollars and untold American lives to the globalist project, which ranged from ushering China into the World Trade Organization, to bombing Serbia in the late 1990s, to invading half the Middle East in the first two decades of the 21st century. All the while, we quietly surrendered our sovereignty to a new international technocratic order.”

The Secret Space Programs
“Is there a Secret Space Program being developed outside the public eye using funds allocated by congress for purposes of creating a completely separate economic system? Where are the missing budget trillions? What is the UFO phenomenon? Is it a series of military projects using this advanced technology developed in underground bases around the globe or does it represent something completely unknown and alien to human reality?”

I hate that we don’t have higher quality information on this theme, so this article from 2015 will have to do for now…

Ukraine on Fire
an excellent documentary by Oliver Stone

Alexander Dugin on the geopolitical realities that forced Russian intervention in the Ukraine… maritime (technological) empire against the Russian land based empire.

The Grand Chessboard
by Zbigniew Brzezinski –
… how empire plays the chess game as a single player

The Artificial Intelligence Wars

They say attack is the best defense. Once you start attacking, others will join. Keep that in mind… 

I have written about AI before, first some years ago in a facebook note titled “I looked at the world and here is what I found” which identifies AI as the force responsible for the messed up situation in which humanity finds itself. Later on, I wrote another piece, “The Virus of Artificial Intelligence”, describing AI as a kind of virus, an anti-life force that is invading human life on earth. This piece however will turn things around, instead of AI being the active virus, it will be us humans that become the hunters, the active infiltrators of that – to most of us still imaginary – force, that is artificial intelligence or AI. 

Ideally, we humans should be healthy and self-determined, economically well off, close to nature and busy improving our lives and those of others in our communities. We should have time to invest into improving our personal abilities including those spiritual (psy…) abilities that are today something of an exception, like telepathic communication, telekinesis, teleportation and the ability to freely access and perceive distant spaces, as well as past and future events and knowledge.

Far from that, we still have widespread poverty and increasing homelessness and we practically have lost our privacy and self-determination, at least with respect to health. For the technocrats who rule the day, we humans are seen as a mere resource, an object of impact investment, a populace they intend to make “be good” and behave. Through widespread testing, our DNA is no longer a private matter and is no doubt ending up in someone’s centralised database. So we have reason to complain. 

Technological radiation

The radio frequency radiation from our communications devices is predominantly in the microwave range, with an emphasis on 2.4 gigahertz (resonant frequency of water and therefore used in microwave ovens) and 60 gigahertz, the resonant frequency of oxygen widely used by the emerging 5G technology. The more sensitive among us, the canaries in the mine, are getting sick from the continuous onslaught. It appears that every “improvement” of radio and microwave technology has come with an uptick in illness.  Arthur Firstenberg has written about that in “The Invisible Rainbow”. . .

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Apocalypse or Revelation, lifting the Veil

“What is the purpose of life?” 

I think that ultimately, the purpose of life is for life to know itself through experience … every kind of experience. Sometimes I think that we humans are really suckers for experience …

Someone, I forget who, made this play on words: “They know we know. We know they know we know. They know we know they know we know.” So we have a stalemate. Since knowledge is power, in one way or the other, the situation we find ourselves will resolve itself. 

For there to have been made predictions galore about this period of clarification, of lifting of the veil, a lot must be hidden from our view, enough to make this a period of special interest for many, whether human or not. 

Exposing the lies and filling in the omissions in our knowledge will be difficult to confront, if not traumatic for many. Perhaps I can somehow soften the blow by giving you a few hints as to what may be afoot and where to look to be prepared. These are my personal opinions, please don’t take them as statements of fact. 

I have said before that, if you take the official story, the consensus view of reality, and you reverse that by 180 degrees, you will be right most of the time. We could almost say that all those views that have been termed “conspiracy theories” are turning out, more and more, to be the gospel truth. 

Anyway, let’s not waste a lot of words. Here is my view of the areas we can expect to hear radically different stories about in the not too distant future: You may already be familiar with some of this to varying degrees… 

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Experts have their own limitations

Never never never completely trust an expert. 
Most of them seem to have lost their common sense!
Sepp Hasslberger

While experts are good at doing a well defined complicated task, they usually are not good at much else. 

Experts are specialists. They are needed to develop technological know-how and to overcome certain hurdles along the way of developing a technological society. What experts cannot do and should never be allowed to even attempt, is to govern other humans. They should not be allowed near any administrative or government function. 

In the German language we have a perfect term that shows the limitations of experts. Normally an expert is called a “Fachmann”, someone who has deep knowledge of a certain area, but we also call them somewhat depreciatingly yet lovingly “Fachidioten”. A “Fachidiot” is someone who has studied a certain matter closely but who may very well be, and usually is, an idiot in most things that lay outside of his field of study. 

The example of Covid-19

We see this in the incredibly stupid way the current covid ‘pandemic’ is being handled by our health experts. Their advice is to destroy national economies or rather to destroy the backbone of those economies, which are the small and medium sized businesses by closing them but not the large corporate mega stores. It is to wear masks that could not stop a dust particle, much less an airborne virus, and to stay home from work. it is to develop and roll out an experimental vaccine, a never-been-tried-before approach to genetically engineer humans. The idea is to inject them with RNA forcing the body to produce a certain protein thought to be part of that virus. The side effects of this experiment are still largely unknown as no long term studies of the “vaccines” have been undertaken. All of that to combat an illness that – without any treatment – has a survival rate of more than 99%, roughly comparable to that of the flu.

The outcome of those measures, possibly intended from the start, is to usher in a corporate controlled technocratic dictatorship, a dystopian society where humans will be a mere appendix of the machine, a resource to be managed. Technocracy or “rule by the experts” is a route that leads straight into disaster. Humans are not cogs in a machine, but cogs in a machine are all these experts can conceive of. So Technocracy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Klaus Schwab and company may be well meaning for humanity, but they are a sure way into dystopia. They envision a highly controlled society where the human individual counts for nothing. Life and all that is beautiful about it has no place in a technocratic future as planned for us by the governance “experts”… 

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